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1916 Season

1916 Toronto & District League

First Division

Teams (9): Dunlop Rubber (Promoted from the Second Division), Eatons, Lancashire (Promoted from the Second Division), Old Country, Overseas Hearts, Sunderland Albions, Toronto Street Railway (Promoted from the Second Division), Ulster United (Promoted from the Second Division) and Wychwood.

In November the Eaton Club was suspended by the T. & D. as they would not show their books for inspection.

Standings as of October 7, 1916

  1. Ulster United
  2. Overseas Hearts
  3. Sunderland Albions
  4. Wychwood
  5. Dunlop Rubber
  6. Old Country
  7. Toronto St. Ry
  8. Eatons
  9. Lancashires

1916 Ontario Cup


September 30, 1916
Eatons 4
Hamilton Westinghouse 1

Eatons won the 1916 Ontario Cup

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