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1920 Season

1920 Toronto & District Senior Soccer League

First Division

Standings (as of October 25, 1920)

  1. Ulster United
  2. Toronto Scottish
  3. All Scots
  4. Davenports
  5. Old Country
  6. Willys-Overland
  7. Sons of England
  8. Dunlops

Relegated to Second Division: Sons of England and Dunlops (stayed in First Division)

Second Division


Final standings

  1. Devonians
  2. Lancashire
  3. British Imperials
  4. Parkviews
  5. Balmy Beach
  6. Toronto Street Railway
  7. Gunns
  8. Baracas

Champions: Devonians

Promoted to First Division: Devonians and Lancashire

Relegated to Third Division:

Third Division

Teams (8):

Final standings

  1. Caledonians
  2. William Davies
  3. Swansea
  4. Swifts
  5. Brampton
  6. Aurora

Promoted to Second Division: Caledonians and William Davies

Dominion Transport and Grand Army withdrew and had their records expunged.

Fourth Division

Teams: Cowans, Dominion Express, D.S.C.R., Hydro, Shamrocks, Sunlight, Telfers, U.V.L., Victoria

Final standings

  1. U.V.L.
  2. Shamrocks
  3. Telfers
  4. Cowans
  5. Sunlight
  6. D.S.C.R.
  7. Hydro
  8. Dom. Express
  9. Victoria

Promoted to Third Division: U.V.L. and Shamrocks

1920 Western Football Association

Members: Galt, Guelph, Paris, Brantford United, Brantford Great War Veterans, Brantford Homedale and Paris.

By July Guelph were the leaders of the league championship.

Champions: Galt F.C.

1920 Ontario Cup

District qualifiers

Sudbury District

British-American Nickel Corporation F.C. qualified for First round proper

Guelph District

Guelph qualified for First round proper

Brantford District

Teams entered: Brantford Great War Veterans and Brantford United.

??, 1920 Brantford, Ontario
Brantford G.W.V.A.
Brantford United

Brantford G.W.V.A. qualified for First round proper

Ottawa District

Lyall Football Club (Ottawa) qualified for First round proper

St. Catharines District

Niagara Falls Colonials qualified for First round proper

Toronto District

Toronto Scottish 1, Willys-Overland 2

Willys-Overland qualified for First round proper

Hamilton District

Hamilton Westinghouse qualified for First round proper

First round

June 19, 1920 Sudbury, Ontario
Referee: Percy May, Ottawa
British-American Nickel Corporation F.C. 3
Guelph 0

British-American Nickel Corporation F.C. qualified for Semi-finals

June 19, 1920 Brantford, Ontario
Brantford G.W.V.A.1
Lyalls (Ottawa) 5

Lyalls F.C. (Ottawa) qualified for Semi-finals

June 19, 1920 Queenstown Heights, Niagara Falls, Ontario
Attendance: 2,000
Niagara Falls Colonials 2
Willys-Overland (Toronto) 3

Willys-Overland qualified for Semi-finals

Bye: Hamilton Westinghouse


June 26, 1920 Varsity Oval, Ottawa
Lyalls F.C. (Ottawa) 1 (Craig)
Hamilton Westinghouse 2 (Gilvear, Tiny Thombs)
Referee: W. S. Murchie, Toronto

Hamilton Westinghouse qualified for final

June 26, 1920
Willys-Overland 2
British-American Nickel Corporation F.C. 1

Willys-Overland qualified for final


July 3, 1920 Toronto
Willys-Overland 2 (Bailey, Fred Dierden)
Hamilton Westinghouse 3 (Tiny Thombs 2, Pilkington)
Referee: O. Hill, St. Catharines
Willys-Overland: Harry Stansfield; Drummond, Fred Dierden; Art Dierden, Woods, Bailey; Hunt, Herring, Lawrie, MacFarlane, Taylor.
Hamilton Westinghouse: Coombs; McEwan, Craig; Ure, Burns, Tommy Gardiner; Garside, Newton, Billy Gilvear, Pilkington, Tiny Thombs.

Hamilton Westinghouse won the Ontario Cup and qualified for the Connaught Cup.

1920 Dunlop Shield


October 30, 1920 Toronto
Toronto Scottish 0
Old Country 3

1920 Brigden Cup


December 18, 1920 Toronto
Ulster United 2
Willys-Overland 1

Ulster United won the 1920 Brigden Cup.

1920 Guy Long Cup


December 18, 1920 Toronto
William Davies Company 1
Shamrock 0

William Davies Company won the 1920 Guy Long Cup.

1920 Hamilton Spectator Cup


December 11, 1920 Hamilton, Ontario
Hamilton Westinghouse 5
Hamilton Harvesters 1

Hamilton Westinghouse won the 1920 Hamilton Spectator Cup.

1920 Hamilton Herald Cup

Hamilton Westinghouse won the 1920 Hamilton Herald Cup.

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