1924 C.F.A. Inter-City League

President: Sam Farrant

Montreal clubs Grenadier Guards and Carsteel joined the league.

Review of the season

The Inter-City Soccer League opened its season in Toronto and Hamilton on Saturday April 19. Despite the cold weather it was said that the games drew large crowds. The results were:
At Hamilton
Toronto Caledonians 5; Hamilton City 3
Willys-Overland 4; Hamilton Thistle 1
At Toronto
Ulster United 2; Crescents 0
Toronto All-Scots 3; Davenport Albion 0

Results and standings

Championship finals
December 6, 1924 Toronto
Willys-Overland 0
Ulster United 2

December 13, 1924 Toronto
Willys-Overland 1 (Longton)
Ulster United 0

Ulster United won two-game total-goals series 2-1