1924 C.F.A. Inter-City League

President: Sam Farrant

Montreal clubs Grenadier Guards and Carsteel joined the league.

Clubs and players

Davenport Albion
Goalkeeper – J. Stevens, Slade
Fullbacks – Jones, Pattenden
Half-backs – Jones, Brown, H. Fidler, McAdam, Lindsay
Forwards – Ferguson, Wingfield, Tilley, Andy Stevens, E. Fidler, Cowan, Briggs
Departures: Blair to Providence (ASL)

Davenport Albions strengthened its team by signing McCuaig from Toronto All Scots and Fidler from Toronto Caledonians.

Hamilton City
President: Sam Farrant
Goalkeeper – Alex Taylor (from Westinghouse)
Fullbacks – Eadie, Vickers
Half-backs – Cartwright, Totten, McFarlane
Forwards – Lyell, Borthwick, Tucker, Branscombe, Rutherford
Departures: Donald to Providence (ASL), Cooper to Providence (ASL), Adair to Providence (ASL)

Hamilton City president Sam Farrant had played for Bristol City and Coventry City in England. In goal the Citizens had Alex Taylor who had played for Westinghouse the previous season. Vickers was the team captain, he had previousily played for Stelco and Labour Party. Leslie Lyell had played for Southall in the Athenian League in England.

Hamilton Thistles
Nickname: Jags
Goalkeeper – Millar, Muir
Fullbacks – Lodge, H. Craig
Half-backs – T. Craig, Gilfillan, McDonald, Webster, T. Lodge
Forwards – Law, Barclay, Dewar, Smith, Bedford

Known as the Jags, like their namesakes Partick Thistle in Scotland.

Hamilton Westinghouse
Goalkeeper – Crompton
Fullbacks – Fernie, Billy Gilvear
Half-backs – Lyle, Turnbull, Gardiner
Forwards – Newton, Rushton, Burke, Jackson

Montreal Carsteel
Formed: 1923
President: Len A. Peto
Goalkeeper – Matheson, Len Peto
Fullbacks – Cunningham, Smith, Houison (from Toronto Scottish)
Half-backs – McKay, Buchanan, Thompson, McAdam
Forwards – Davies, Cadman (from Nomads), Jacks, Bill Westwater, Brown, Sanford, Harrowing

Montreal Grenadier Guards
Goalkeeper – Robertson, Brown
Fullbacks – McAuley, Clark
Half-backs – McLaggan, Dunlop, Cochrane, Topping, Montgomerie
Forwards – Boulton, McFarlane, Smith, McLaughin, Ferguson, MacLean

Grenadier Guards hired a professional coach in Sam Chedgzoy. On August 23 Ed McLaine made his debut for Grenadier Guards. He had played for Albion Rovers in Scotland.

Toronto All-Scots
Goalkeeper – Patterson
Fullbacks – Fernie, Dean
Half-backs – Massey, Angus, Sorbie
Forwards – Ingram, Galloway, Melville, Gordon, Jarvis

Toronto Caledonians
Goalkeeper – Smith
Fullbacks – McCall, Brownlee
Half-backs – Bissett, Mills, Avourt
Forwards – W. Simpson, Berry, Young, Cameron, P. Simpson

Toronto Crescents
Goalkeeper – Penstone
Fullbacks – McGregor, Wood
Half-backs – Todd, Armstrong, Coulter
Forwards – McGlenashan, Poulter, Witham, Rossiter, Frost

Toronto Scottish
Goalkeepers – Taylor, Topping
Fullbacks – Campbell, McGuire, Grant
Half-backs – Ferguson, Buchanan, McKee, Reid, McCrone
Forwards – Hernon, McNeil, Woods, Anderson, Brown, McDonald, Bryson, Hall

Ulster United
Formed: 1914
Goalkeeper – H. Stanfield
Fullbacks – Fred Williams, T. Johnson
Half-backs – R. MacDonald, W. Sims, A. Watt
Forwards – G. Snoddy, J. Borthwick, centre forward Robert Lavery, S. Grant, Jimmy Moir, Phil Lavery.
Reserves – H. Martin, G. Magill

Goalkeeper – Hedge
Fullbacks – Vale, Searle
Half-backs – Horsepool, Herring, Baillie
Forwards – Barron, Gregory, Wood, Allan, Taylor

Review of the season

The Inter-City Soccer League opened its season in Toronto and Hamilton on Saturday April 19. Despite the cold weather it was said that the games drew large crowds. The results were:
At Hamilton
Toronto Caledonians 5; Hamilton City 3
Willys-Overland 4; Hamilton Thistle 1
At Toronto
Ulster United 2; Crescents 0
Toronto All-Scots 3; Davenport Albion 0

Results and standings

Championship finals
December 6, 1924 Toronto
Willys-Overland 0
Ulster United 2

December 13, 1924 Toronto
Willys-Overland 1 (Longtin)
Ulster United 0