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1926 Season

1926 National Soccer League

President: Len Peto
Vice-president: James Pentland
Secretary: H. Adamson


In December 1925 talk of an International Soccer League was started by Len Peto. Peto was the main financial backer of the Montreal Carsteel team in the Inter-Provincial League.

Formed in April 1926 by disgruntled IPL clubs Ulster United and Montreal Carsteel. The league began play in May by enticing Hamilton Thistle and Windsor Rovers to leave the IPL. Other members were Toronto City and Montreal Maroons from the International League.

At a meeting in Toronto on June 10, 1926, Hamilton Thistles and Windsor Rovers joined the National Soccer League.

Review of the season

The first game of the 1926 NSL season was played on June 19, 1926, when Ulster United defeated Windsor Rovers 5-3. The following weekend three games were played, with Ulster United beating Montreal Carsteel 4-1, Montreal Scottish trashing Hamilton Thistles 10-2 and Windsor Rovers shutout Toronto City 7-0.

Results and standings

1. Ulster United
2. Montreal Maroons

The other clubs were Montreal Carsteel, Toronto City, Hamilton Thistles and Windsor Rovers

1926 NSL Championship finals

April 25, 1927 Toronto
Ulster Ulster United 5 (Grant, Galloway, Graham 2, Williams)
Montreal Maroons 1 (Gibbs)
Ulster: Bob Smith; Walter Rankin, Tommy Johnston; Sam Grant, Fred Williams, Joe Clulow; Roy Faulkner, McNeil, George Graham, Jimmy Galloway, Jimmy Moir.
Maroons: Brown; Joe Reynolds, Charles Pain; Ferguson, Maurice Vandeweghe, George Moorhouse; Graham, Gibbs, George Jenkins, Smith, Ritson.

May 1, 1927 Montreal
Attendance: 1,000
Montreal Maroons 0
Ulster United 1 (Graham)
Ulster: Bob Smith; Walter Rankin, Tommy Johnston; Sam Grant, Fred Williams, Angus Watt; Roy Faulkner, McNeil, George Graham, Jimmy Galloway, Joe Clulow
Maroons: Brown; Joe Reynolds, Adam Smith; Maurice Vandeweghe, Bob Campbell, Ferguson; Gibbs, Johnson, George Jenkins, Horne, Ritson

1926 National Soccer League Cup

Ontario – First round

August 2, 1926 Ulster Stadium, Toronto
Ulster United 7
Hamilton Thistles 1

August 8, 1926 Scott Stadium, Hamilton
Hamilton Thistles 4
Ulster United 7

Montreal Carsteel qualified for the NSL Cup finals

Ulster United qualified for semi-finals

First round, first leg

August 7, 1926 Toronto
Toronto City 5
Windsor Rovers 2

Toronto City qualified for Ontario semi-finals

Ontario – Semi-final

August 14, 1926 Toronto
Ulster United 4
Toronto City 1

Ulster United qualified for the NSL Cup finals

Quebec- First round/Semi-final, first leg

Montreal Maroons
Montreal Carsteel

Montreal Carsteel qualified for NSL Cup final


August 29, 1926 Thornton Park, Montreal
Montreal Carsteel 0
Ulster United 2

September 4, 1926 Toronto
Ulster United 4
Montreal Carsteel 2

Ulster United won National League Cup

Other Leagues and Cups

1926 Inter-Provincial Soccer League

President: Dave Lumsden
Secretary: John Innes

Annual general meeting

The annual general meeting was held in Toronto on Saturday February 20, 1926.

Review of the season

The Inter-Provincial League scheduled four games for May 1st, 1926:

Hamilton City vs Ulster United
Windsor Rovers vs Toronto Scottish
Toronto All-Scots vs Hamilton Thistles
Montreal C.N.R. vs Toronto Caledonians

Ulster United sent a letter to league secretary John Innes on April 22, 1926, informing that they had withdrawn from the league. As Ulster United withdrew from the league the schedule had to be revised. The new schedule was:

Toronto All-Scots vs Hamilton Thistles
Windsor Rovers vs Toronto Scottish
Hamilton City vs Toronto Caledonians

Results May 1, 1926:

Windsor Rovers 1, Toronto Scottish 0

Toronto All-Scots 3, Hamilton Thistles 3

At Hamilton: Hamilton City 5, Toronto Caleys 0

Results May 8, 1926:

At Toronto: Toronto Scottish 1, Hamilton City 6

At Hamilton: Hamilton Thistles 1, Windsor Rovers 1

Results May 15, 1926:

At Windsor: Windsor Rovers 2, Montreal C.N.R. 0

At Hamilton: Hamilton City 7, Toronto All Scots 1

At Toronto: Toronto Scottish 2, Toronto Caleys 1

Results May 22, 1926:

XX vs XX

Results May 24, 1926 (Victoria Day):

Charity game at Hamilton:
Hamilton All Stars
Toronto All Stars

Results May 29, 1926:

Toronto Caleys 1, Windsor Rovers 6

At Alexandra Park, Montreal: Montreal Canadian Nationals 0, Toronto Scottish 0

Standings (as of May 31, 1926)

Windsor Rovers43011027
Hamilton City33001826
Toronto Scottish4121383
Hamilton Thistles2002442
Toronto Caleys41306162
Montreal C. N. R.2011021
Toronto All Scots30217141

Results June 5, 1926:

Windsor Rovers 4, Hamilton Thistles 1

XX vs XX

Standings (as of June 7, 1926)

Windsor Rovers 5 4 0 114 3 9
Hamilton City 3 3 0 018 2 6
Toronto Scottish 4 1 2 1 3 8 3
Hamilton Thistles3012582
Toronto Caledonians 4 1 3 0 616 2
Montreal C. N. R. 2 0 1 1 0 2 1
Toronto All-Scots 3 0 2 1 714 1

On June 10, 1926, Hamilton Thistles and Windsor Rovers joined the National Soccer League.

Results June 12, 1926:

XX vs XX

The Inter-Provincial League did not accept the resignations of Hamilton Thistles and Windsor Rovers, and included both clubs in their schedule for Saturday June 19, 1926:

Hamilton City vs Windsor Rovers
Toronto Scottish vs Montreal C.N.R.
Toronto Caledonians vs Hamilton Thistles

As Windsor Rovers and Hamilton Thistles failed to play their games on Saturday June 19, they were officially suspended by the league on June 20.

Results June 19, 1926:

At Toronto: Toronto Scottish 0, Montreal Canadian Nationals 0

The league failed to fulfill its season due to the departure of most of the teams during the season.

Exhibition game

July 10, 1926 Toronto
Attendance: 8,000
Ontario All-Stars
English F. A.

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