1927 National Soccer League

New clubs

On January 16, 1927, Toronto Scottish made an application to join the league. They said that they were prepared to turn professional if necessary. An application from a Hamilton club was also said to be considered.

Annual general meeting

The annual meeting was held in Toronto on March 7, 1927. At this meeting Toronto Scottish purchased the Toronto City club’s franchise and was awarded a place in the league. Toronto Scottish had been members of the Inter-Provincial League in the 1926 season. Another former Inter-Provincial League member, the Hamilton City club, were also awarded a franchise. A new club was to play in Detroit, this either being Garwood or Holley Carburettors, or an amalgamation of both. The schedule would be arranged on March 27.

Clubs and players

Toronto Scottish were one of the oldest clubs in Canada. Prior to their exhibition game at Conboy Park on June 13 against Boston, the Scottish strengthened their team with Gordon Burness, former Toronto Scottish player, lately of Brooklyn Wanderers; Andy Stevens, another former Scottish player, who had just finished the season with New Bedford Whalers; Campbell, late of Bethlehem; Gallagher, from Holley Carburetor, Detroit; McCutcheon,ex-Crescent player, late of Kodaks, Rochester and Jimmy Moir, ex-Ulster player, who figured so prominently in the Toronto team against the touring Scots.

Review of the season

In the first game of the 1927 season Carsteel beat Hamilton City on May 7 in Montreal.

This was another chaotic season as some clubs, due to the collapse of the International League, also played in the Provincial League. This led to fixture congestion and the NSL Final was never played. Detroit Canadians played a few a games but their cross-border play caused problems with the United States Football Association.

Another reason for the chaos was that Ulster United played in many lucrative exhibition games in the United States. They used some of the money recieved to pay their NL rivals to drop playing National League games. 

Suspension of Windsor Rovers and Montreal Maroons

On September 20, Windsor Rovers and Montreal Maroons were suspended for not fulfilling their obligations. The clubs were said to not have met the necessary bonds. The Windsor Rovers club had withheld the bond as it had been ordered to play five of the next seven games away from. This would have cost them a great deal as travelling expenses had to be covered by the gate receipts at home games. Rovers had also always paid their bonds but were unsure if other clubs did the same, and when they asked for proof of this the Toronto clubs would not comply. At the same meeting a fixture early in the season in Hamilton between the two local clubs, Thistles and City, that was abandoned at half-time due to rain was ordered to be replayed in Toronto.

Results and standings

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