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1928 Season

1928 National Soccer League

President: Len A. Peto
Vice-president: W. Gill, Montreal
Vice-president: J. McIntyre, Hamilton
Secretary-Treasurer: J. Innes, Toronto


The annual general meeting was held in Toronto on March 11, 1928. It was decided to continue with the National Soccer League in the 1928 season. Carsteel, Ulster United, Toronto Scottish, Hamilton City and Hamilton Thistles were represented at the meeting. Montreal clubs Lachine, Verdun, C.N.R. and National Breweries were admitted to the league. An Ottawa franchise was also admitted. Len A. Peto was elected as president of the league.

Merger of the Inter-Provincial and National League

On Saturday April 21, 1928 the Provincial and National Leagues merged. The merger was done at a meeting at Hamilton and it was decided that the league should be known as the National. The games in the Provincial League that day counted in the new league.

At a re-organization meeting held in Toronto on Saturday April 28, 14 teams were admitted to membership. These clubs included Willys-Overland. Hamilton Corinthians had to fight for membership as the two other Hamilton clubs, Thistles and City, objected due to the question over lack of grounds in Hamilton. However, the other clubs took the stand that the Corinthians would have to be admitted as the National Soccer League had absorbed the provincial league.

The NSL improved on its chaotic 1927 season, but still fixture problems led to the NSL Final first being played in the spring of 1929 when Montreal C.N.R. defetead Ulster United.

Review of the season Western Section

General Motors of Oshawa joined the league.

In the opening game of the 1928 National Soccer League season in London, Oshawa General Motors defeated London C.N.R. 10-2 on Saturday May 5. In Brantford the Cockshutt Blues beat Hamilton Corinthians 2-1.

On Saturday May 12 Ulster United defeated Taylor Forbes of Guelph 4-0 in Toronto. Hamilton Thistles beat Maple Leafs in Toronto 2-1. Campbell in the Thistle goal was the star of the game.

Ulster United qualified for the National Soccer League Championship play-offs.


Hamilton Thistles1310 2 1412321
Toronto Scottish14 8 2 4271620
Ulster United12 9 2 1381819
Hamilton City11 7 1 3241417
Toronto Transit12 7 2 3271717
Oshawa General Motors15 6 7 2323014
Brantford Cockshutts11 6 4 1271813
Toronto Maple Leafs12 6 6 0202612
Guelph Taylor-Forbes10 3 5 21322 8
Toronto C. N. R.14 1 9 41934 6
Willys-Overland11 1 7 31126 5
Hamilton Corinthians10 1 7 21730 4
London C. N. R.11 110 01044 2
Review of the season Eastern Section

The opening game of the NSL season in Ottawa was played on Saturday May 12. Montreal C.N.R. beat Ottawa 5-1 at Lansdowne Park. On the same day Carsteel visited Blackburn Park and defeated Verdun 3-2. National Breweries defeated Lachine 2-0 at Thornton Park.

Montreal Canadian National Railways qualified for the National Soccer League Championship play-offs.

Standings (as of October 2, 1928)

National Breweries 9 7 1 116 315
Montreal C. N. R. 6 6 0 019 312
Montreal Carsteel 7 3 3 11011 7
Montreal Lachine 8 1 5 2 413 4
Ottawa 7 1 5 1 118 3
Verdun 7 0 4 3 614 3

1928 National Soccer League Championship

April 20, 1929 Toronto
Ulster United 2 (Graham, Williams)
Montreal C.N.R. 1 (Finlayson)
Ulster: Vennard; David Eadie, Dick Prior; George Singleton, Fred Williams, Joe Clulow; Harry Gibson, McCrindle, George Graham, Jimmy Galloway, Jimmy Moir.
C.N.R: Jimmy Nelson; Harry Barnes, James Graham; Robert Lumsden, Peter Keir, James Turnbull; Joe Williams, Dave Meldrum, Bill Finlayson, Frank Henderson, John Coule.

May 4, 1929 Montreal
Montreal C.N.R. 4 (Green, Finlayson 2, Williams)
Ulster United 0
Referee: H.S. Lyons
C.N.R.: Jimmy Nelson; Harry Barnes, James Turnbull; Robert Lumsden, Peter Keir, Bob Campbell; Joe Williams, Dave Meldrum, Bill Finlayson, Frank Henderson, Jack Green.
Ulster: Bobby Kirk; Davie Eadie, Dick Pryor; Angus Watt, Fred Williams, Joe Clulow; Harry Gibson, McCrindle, George Graham, Jimmy Galloway, Jimmy Moir.

Exhibition games

June 13, 1928 Maple Leaf Baseball Stadium, Toronto
Ulster United 0
Glasgow Rangers 7 (MacPhail 4, Fleming 2, Cunningham)
Attendance: 15,000
Read about the match here

June 16, 1928 Montreal, Quebec
Montreal All-Stars 1 (Duguid)
Glasgow Rangers 5 (Cunningham 2, Archibald, Marshall, McPhail)
Read about the match here

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