1929 National Soccer League

President: Len A. Peto
Secretary: W. Gill

Annual general meeting

The annual general meeting was held in Montreal on Saturday January 27, 1929. Len A. Peto was re-elected as president.

Clubs and players

Ulster United
Key players:

Ulster United had two strong goalkeepers in Kirk and Vennard. Vennard was a former Newry Town player.

Review of the season

The Montreal Canadian National Railways soccer eleven won the Dominion Championship, the National League championship, the Charity Cup and the championship of the Eastern Section of the National League.

Autumn migration to Detroit

In September it was announced that Toronto Scottish goalkeeper Art Halliwell and left fullback James Nokes had signed for Detroit Football Club in Michigan. In October Joe Clulow joined Holley Carburetors in Detroit.

Results and standings

Lord Atholston Cup

October 19, 1929 Alexandra Park, Montreal
Montreal C.N.R. 1 (Finlayson)
Ulster United 0
Montreal C.N.R.: Nelson, Barnes, Duguid, Low, Keir, Campbell, Williams, eldrum, Finlayson, Henderson, Green.
Ulster United: Kirk, Eadie, Pryor, McCrone, Wilson, McFarlane, Bruce, Clulow, Graham, Galloway, Moir.

October 26, 1929 Greenwood Stadium, Toronto
Attendance: 3,000
Referee: Gray
Ulster United 2 (Graham, Jimmy Moir)
Montreal C.N.R. 3 (Meldrum, Finlayson 2)
Ulster United: Kirk, Wilson, Eadie, McCrone, Clulow, Dinnie, Bruce, McFarlane, Graham, Galloway, Moir.
Montreal C.N.R.: Nelson, Barnes, Duguid, Low, Keir, Campbell, Williams, Meldrum, Finlayson, Henderson, Green.