President: Len A. Peto, Montreal Secretary-treasurer: W. Gill


The annual general meeting was held in Toronto on Saturday February 1. Len A. Peto was elected as president and W. Gill was elected as secretary-treasurer. A total surplus of $1,241 was shown in the financial report. The eastern section was credited with $520 and the western section with $572.

Review of the season – Western Section

Joe Clulow was the big star of the C.N.R. team, steering them from his center half position into a fantastic battle with the Scottish for the top spot in the division.

The NSL season opened on Saturday May 3. Hamilton City shocked Ulster United by winning 3-1 at Olympia Stadium in Hamilton. It was Ulster Uniteds first defeat in an opening game. Toronto T.T.C. and Hamilton Thistles played to a one-all draw in Toronto. Toronto Canadian National Railways defeated Cockshutts 3-2 in Brantford.

Hamilton Thistles beat Toronto Scottish 3-1 in Hamilton in their first home game of the season on May 10.

On May 17 Toronto C.N.R. and Hamilton Thistles struggled to a one-all draw in Toronto. Chambers of Hamilton Thistles suffered a broken knee cap and was removed to hospital. In Hamilton the local City club won by a 2-1 score over the Toronto Maple Leafs. Wilson and Brockson scored for City, and Hendry scored the lone goal for the Maple Leafs. Toronto Scottish defeated Brantford Cockshutts 2-1 at Conboy Park.

On May 29 Ulster United drew 1-1 w-ith the touring Scottish side Kilmarnock. A crowd of 8,000 watched the match at Ulster Stadium.

Toronto C.N.R. was the first team to defeat Hamilton Thistles. On June 14 they won 2-1 at Civic Stadium in Hamilton.

Brantford Cockshutts defeated Ulster United 2-1 in Brantford on June 21.

Hamilton City and T.T.C. tied 1-1 in Hamilton on July 5.

On July 12 Hamilton Thistles defeated Toronto T.T.C. 3-0 in Hamilton. White scored two goals and Chambers one goal for the Thistles.

Toronto Scottish defeated Hamilton City 8-0 at Conboy Park in Toronto on July 26.

On August 9 Toronto Scottish defeated Hamilton Thistles 3-0 in Toronto. Hamilton City won by 3 to 1 over Toronto C.N.R. in Toronto.

Ulster United and Hamilton Thistles played to a one-all draw in Hamilton on August 30. George Graham was Ulster United’s goalscorer. At Ulster Stadium the Toronto T.T.C. defeated Brantford Cockshutts 1-0.

Toronto Scottish clinched the Western Section title on Saturday October 18 by beating Hamilton City 5-1 in Hamilton. 

Western Section – Final standings

Ulster Utd1464416
Hamilton T.1454515
Hamilton C.1465314
Maple Leafs1431017

Western Section Final
October 18, 1930 Hamilton, Ontario
Hamilton City 1 (Connolly)
Toronto Scottish 5 (Dawson 2, McIntyre, Somers, Craig)
Hamilton City: L. Rooke, Vickers, Craig, J. Rooke, Totten, Smith, Spurgeon, Sutton, Connolly, Wilson, Ashthorpe.
Toronto Scottish: Halliwell, McDonald, Noke, Graham, Somers, Muir, Spence, Cairns, Stevens, Dawson, McIntyre
Toronto Scottish qualified for Lord Atholstan Cup finals

Review of the season – Eastern Section

Blue Bonnets, winners of the 1929 Montreal League Championship, joined the league.

After the season Blue Bonnets goalkeeper John Jamieson left for England and had a one-month trial with Manchester United.

Eastern Section – Final standings

1. C.N.R.1090119
2. Carsteel1053212
3. Verdun1043311
4. Bonnets103528
4. C.P.R. 102448
6. Vickers101902

1930 Lord Atholstan Cup

April 25, 1931
Ulster Stadium, Toronto
Toronto Scottish 1 (Spence)
Montreal C.N.R. 1 (Reid)
Referee: A. McCullough, Hamilton
Scottish: Art Halliwell; Angus MacDonald, Jimmy Noke; Johnny Graham, Bill Somers, Dave Weir; Andy Spence, Johnny Cairns, Andy Stevens, McCleverty, Jimmy McIntyre
C.N.R.: Brown; Low, Burne; Ritchie, Nicholson, Campbell; Williams, Reid, Bill Finlayson, Frank Henderson, Bill Westwater

May 2, 1931 Second Leg
Angus Field, Montreal
Montreal CNR  3  (Horne, Westwater, Finlayson)
Toronto Scottish  4  (Rossiter, Stevens, McIntyre 2)
Referee: H.S. Dunk 
C.N.R.: Brown; Ron Low, James Duguid; Ritchie, Nicholson, Bob Campbell; Bill Westwater, Reid, Bill Finlayson, Frank Henderson, Horne.
Scottish: Art Halliwell; Angus McDonald, Jimmy Noke; Robert Manson, Bill Somers, Davie Weir; Andy Spence, Johnny Cairns, Andy Stevens, John Rossiter, Jimmy McIntyre.

Toronto Scottish won the 1930 Lord Atholstan Trophy. The finals were played in 1931.

Exhibition games

May 24, 1930 Hamilton, Ontario
Attendance: 7,500
Hamilton Thistles 0
Glasgow Rangers 3

May 29, 1930 Guelph, Ontario
Attendance: 2,500
Ulster United 1
Kilmarnock 6

June 18, 1930 Brantford, Ontario
Attendance: 2,500
Cockshutt Blues 1
Kilmarnock 2

June 21, 1930 Hamilton, Ontario
Hamilton Thistles 1 (Chambers)
Kilmarnock (Scotland) 4

Ontario Cup Final

September 27, 1930 Toront
Toronto Scottish 3 (Somers, Cairns, Stevens)
Hamilton Thistle 2 (Chambers, Tennant)
Toronto Scottish: Art Halliwell; MacDonald, Jimmy Noke; Davie Weir, Billy Somers, Muir; Andy Spence, Johnny Cairns, Andy Stevens, Dawson, Reid.
Hamilton Thistles: McMurray; Lodge, Dunlop; Munro, Crawford, Marshall; Tennant, McMillan, Chambers, Aird, McKeen.

October 5, 1930 Hamilton
Hamilton Thistle 2 (McKeen, Tennant)
Toronto Scottish  0
Hamilton Thistles: McMurray; Lodge, Dunlop; Munto, Crawford, Marshall; Tennant, McMillan, Chambers, Aird, McKeen.
Toronto Scottish: Art Halliwell; MacDonald, Jimmy Noke; Davie Weir, Billy Somers, Muir; Andy Spence, Johnny Cairns, Andy Stevens, Dawson, Jimmy McIntyre.

Hamilton Thistles won the Ontario Cup