President: Len A. Peto, Montreal Secretary-treasurer: W. Gill

Annual general meeting

The annual general meeting was held in Toronto on Saturday February 1. Len A. Peto was elected as president and W. Gill was elected as secretary-treasurer. A total surplus of $1,241 was shown in the financial report. The eastern section was credited with $520 and the western section with $572.

Clubs and players

T.T.C. were led by centre forward Sayers, formerly of Linfield.

Blue Bonnets, winners of the 1929 Montreal League Championship, joined the league.

Review of the season

On May 29 Ulster United drew 1-1 with the touring Scottish side Kilmarnock. A crowd of 8,000 watched the match at Ulster Stadium.

Joe Clulow was the big star of the C.N.R. team, steering them from his center half position into a fantastic battle with the Scottish for the top spot in the division.

Toronto Scottish clinched the Western Section title on Saturday October 18 by beating Hamilton City 5-1 in Hamilton. 

Results and standings

Western Section Final
October 18, 1930 Hamilton, Ontario
Hamilton City 1 (Connolly)
Toronto Scottish 5 (Dawson 2, McIntyre, Somers, Craig)
Hamilton City: L. Rooke, Vickers, Craig, J. Rooke, Totten, Smith, Spurgeon, Sutton, Connolly, Wilson, Ashthorpe.
Toronto Scottish: Halliwell, McDonald, Noke, Graham, Somers, Muir, Spence, Cairns, Stevens, Dawson, McIntyre
Toronto Scottish qualified for Lord Atholstan Cup finals

Lord Atholstan Cup
April 25, 1931
Ulster Stadium, Toronto
Toronto Scottish 1 (Spence)
Montreal C.N.R. 1 (Reid)
Scottish: Halliwell, MacDonald, Noke,Graham, Somers, Weir, Spence, Cairns, Stevens, McCleverty, McIntyre
C.N.R.: Brown, Low, Burne, Ritchie, Nicholson, Campbell, Williams, Reid, Finlayson, Henderson, Westwater

May 2, 1931 Second Leg
Angus Field, Montreal
Montreal C.N.R.
Toronto Scottish