1932 National Soccer League

Annual general meeting

The annual general meeting was held in Toronto on February 13, 1932. At the meeting it was decided to allow two substitutions in league matches.

Review of the season – Western Division

Toronto Scottish were presented with the 1931 Atholstan Trophy at the opening game of the season at Oakwood on May 7. Scottish came up with some novel ideas with their 10-cent gate for unemployed and the distribution of free programs. On the field they got a convincing 6-0 win over Hamilton Thistles.

At the opening game at Ulster Stadium between Ulster United and Maple Leafs both teams wore black armbands and a two-minute silence was observed in memory of Jimmy Chambers of Ulster and Maple Leafs’ former England International Bert Lipsham.

In the end of September Toronto C.N.R. announced that they would not take part in any more games that season as they could not raise a team.

Review of the season – Eastern Division

The Eastern section kicked off its league season on May 7. In Hamilton Toronto Scottish defeated Thistles 6-0.

Carsteel won the Eastern Division league championship. Montreal C.N.R. finished three points behind winners Carsteel.

Player exodus to the United Kingdom

After the season Jock Cairns of Toronto Scottish had a trial with Crystal Palace. He later signed a permanent deal for Rochdale in the Football League. He had played for Charlton and Brentford before coming to Canada in 1929.

In November 1932 Carsteel’s fullback Bob Calder left Montreal for Scotland to sign for Rangers. He would eventually only play one Scottish Cup game for the Glasgow team. Bob went on to play in the Football League for Cardiff City and Newport City.

David McEachren, also of Carsteel, left Montreal at the same time for the Old Country, though without a prior contract fixed. However he was signed by former Glasgow Rangers and American Soccer League star, Tommy Muirhead, immediatly when he stepped off the boat in Glasgow. Muirhead was the manager of St. Johnstone. After his one-month trial he joined Linfield of the Irish League. McEachran had palyed for Clydebank and Preston before going to North America to play soccer,

On December 7 1932 Jimmy Tennant sailed from St John to have a two-month trial With Cardiff City. Jimmy had learned his soccer in Hamilton, Ontario. He had played with Hamilton Thistles and Frood Mines. He was offered terms of $25 per week during his trial.

In addition Canadian half-back Ralph Makepeace from Saskatoon was playing for Hartlepools United in the Football League in the 1932-33 season.

Results and standings

Lord Atholstan Cup
October 8, 1932 Ulster Stadium, Toronto
Ulster United 4 (Porter 2, Graham, Galloway)
Montreal Carsteel 3 (McEachran, Mellin, Turley)
Ulster: Kirk, Davidson, Eadie, Hagen, Wadlow, Bruce, Porter, Simpson, Graham, Galloway, Moir
Carsteel: Shorrocks, Calder, McArthur, Campbell, Finlayson, Stott, Chedgzoy, Mellin, Turley, Ballantyne, McEachren. Sub: Smith

October 10, 1932 Ulster Stadium, Toronto
Ulster United 3 (Simpson, Bruce, Graham)
Montreal Carsteel 1 (McEachren)
Ulster: Fraser, Davidson, Eadie, Hagen, Wadlow, Bruce, Porter, Simpson, Graham, Galloway, Moir.
Carsteel: Shorrocks, Calder, McArthur, Mellin, Finlayson, Stott, Chedgzoy, McEachren, Turley, Ballantyne, Smith. Subs: McLaine and Campbell.

Ulster United won the two-game, total-goal series 7-4