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1933 Season

1933 National Soccer League

President: Len A. Peto, Montreal
1. Vice-president: Arthur Arnold, Hamilton
2. Vice-president: S. Mayes
Secretary-treasurer: W. Gill, Montreal.


The annual general meeting was held in Montreal January 28, 1933. Brantford, Hamilton City, Hamilton United, Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto Transportation and Toronto Scottish of the western section were represented by delegates. Canadian National Railway, Montreal Carsteel, Verdun, Blue Bonnets, Maisonneuve, Notre Dame de Grace, Iberville and Emard St. Paul United of the Eastern Section were represented by delegates. The main topic discussed was rules governing competitions.

Toronto Congasco joined the league.

Review of the season – Western Division

On Saturday June 10 Brantford City defeated Hamilton Thistles 2-1 in a twilight fixture at Mohawk Park in Brantford. It was Brantford’s first victory in the NSL in the 1933 season.

Ulster United defeated the Toronto Transport Commission eleven to take over the league leadership on July 25. Ulster United won 1-0 before what was reported to be a small crowd at Oakwood Stadium.

Standings (as of October 4, 1933)

Toronto Scottish2824 2 2631650
Ulster United2819 5 4562643
Toronto Transit C.2814 8 6393934
Toronto Maple Leafs2811 710313132
Hamilton City26 613 7303319
Hamilton Thistles27 616 5354417
Toronto Congasco26 619 1277013
Brantford City23 219 21840 6

Western Division Play-offs

October 9, 1933 Ulster Stadium, Toronto
Toronto Transport Commission 1
Ulster United 3

October 19, 1933 Toronto
Ulster United 1
Toronto Transport Commission 0

Ulster United qualified for Western Division finals

Western Division Finals

April 28, 1934 Toronto
Ulster United 1 (Sammy McNabney)
Toronto Scottish 0
Ulster United: Lake; Davison, Davidson; McGill, Singleton, Adams; S. McNabney, Aiken, Graham, R. McNabney, McBride.
Toronto Scottish: Wallace; Weir, Noke; Samson, Phillips, Graham; Bromley, Meldrum, Lindsay, Donald, McIntyre.

Ulster United qualified for Lord Atholstan Cup finals

Review of the season – Eastern Division

Montreal Carsteel won the Eastern Division championship.

Standings (as of August 21, 1933)

Montreal Carsteel1512 2 1421125
Emard- St. Paul1410 3 1281421
Montreal C. N. R.13 9 3 1261019
Verdun Park14 9 5 0322118
Maisonneuve14 6 8 0223012
Glen Yards11 5 6 0152210
Notre Dame de Grace14 211 11837 5
Blue Bonnets14 012 21443 2

1933 Lord Atholstan Cup

May 5, 1934 Toronto Attendance: 2,000
Ulster United 5 (Graham 3, McBride, McCullough)
Montreal Carsteel 0
Ulster United: Lake, Davison, R. McNabney, McGill, Singleton, Adams, S. McNabney, Aiken, Graham,  Gordon, McBride. Subs: Davidson, Harold McCullough
Carsteel: Dick Shorrock, Garner, Jack McArthur, Bob Campbell, Bill
Finlayson, Robert Stott, Sam Chedgzoy, Bardell, Melville, Frank
Henderson, Fox. Subs: Ford, McEwan

June 16, 1934 Baseball Stadium, Montreal
Montreal Carsteel 2 (Bardell, Finlayson)       
Ulster United 3 (Graham, S. McNabney, McBride)
Carsteel: Dick Shorrock, Bill McKean, Jack McArthur, Mills, Ferguson,
McEwan, Sam Chedgzoy, Patterson, Bardell, Frank Henderson, Fox. Subs: Melville, Robert Stott
Ulster: James Lake, Bill Davison, Bob McNabney, Harold McCullough,
George Singleton, Adams, Sam McNabney, Johnny Aitken, George
Graham, Gordon, Doug McBride. Sub: Partridge

Ulster United won the 1933 National Soccer League championship. The finals were played in 1934.

Exhibition games

October 9, 1933 Toronto
Toronto Scottish 2
Audax Italiano (Chile) 2

October 11, 1933 Toronto
Ulster United 2
Audax Italiano (Chile) 1

October 14, 1933 Toronto
Toronto Scottish 3
Audax Italiano (Chile) 0

October 11, 1933 Toronto
Ulster United
Audax Italiano (Chile)
Match called off due to fighting between the players in the second half.

October 18, 1933 Montreal, Quebec
Montreal Carsteel 6
Audax Italiano (Chile) 3

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