National Soccer League

(Canadian) National Soccer League 1926-1997

1935 Season

1935 National Soccer League

President: Arthur Arnold
Vice-predidents: M.A. Searle, Toronto and D.S. Wilkinson, Montreal
Secretary: George McBain, Toronto


In December 1934 the NSL Western Section recieved applications from Guelph Lancashires and Toronto team England United. The new England United team was seen as a welcome addition after many years with teams named the Scottish and the Irish.

The annual general meeting was held at the Windsor Hotel in Montreal on Saturday January 12, 1935.

It was announced after the meeeting that the creation of a Northern Section was practically assured. The teams that would be included in the Northern Section were Falconbridge, Frood, McIntyre, Noranda, Dome Creighton and Kirkland Lake.

A Southern Section was also discussed. If this section would materialize it was expected that it would include clubs from the Western Ontario League.

At a league meeting at Walker House in Toronto on February 16, 1935, England United were granted membership in the NSL.

Review of the season – Western Division

The NSL season in Toronto opened on Saturday May 4 with Toronto Scottish beating England United 5-1.

The two Hamilton teams opened their NSL season in Hamilton on Tuesday evening May 7. Hamilton Thistles defeated Hamilton City 2-1.

On June 22 Toronto Scottish defeated Hamilton Thistles 3-0 at Oakwood Stadium. Scottish thus climbed into a tie for the leadership of the National Soccer League with Ulster United.

Calgary Herald, July 9, 1935: “British Consols, Ulster United and Toronto Scottish are taking turns in leading the National Soccer League”.

On July 27 Toronto Scottish and British Consols played to a 2-2 draw. This meant that the two clubs remained tied in second place in the league standings.

Ulster United, Toronto Scottish, British Consols and Toronto Maple Leafs qualified for the Western Division play-off championship.

Standings (as of September 14, 1935)

Ulster United2316 3 6603136
Toronto Scottish2413 3 3422634
British Consols2413 5 6462832
Toronto Maple Leafs2110 9 2263122
Hamilton City22 713 2353016
Hamilton Thistles20 513 2213212
England United24 220 22931 6

Western Division semifinals 

Ulster United 4
British Consols 3

Toronto Scottish 1
Toronto Maple Leafs 0

Western Division Finals
Not played

Review of the season – Eastern Division

The NSL season in the Eastern Division kicked off on Saturday May 4. Emard St. Paul defeated Carsteel 3-0. Hamilton United beat Aldred 3-0. Canadian Nationals humiliated Ulster United by beating them 8-0.

Montreal Aldred won the Domonion championship, the Quebec title and the NSL Eastern Division championship. The club lost only two games during the NSL season in the Eastern Division.

Final standings

Montreal Aldred1525
Emard St. Paul1520
Hamilton United1518
Montreal Carsteel1517
Montreal C. N. R.1510
Montreal Ulster United15 0

Review of the season – Northern Division

The National Soccer League expanded into Northern Ontario, thus creating three divisions. Because of the Depression many players from the Toronto-Hamilton area in particular had moved north to find work, and had strengthened the teams in the mining areas. Falconbridge Mines, Frood Mines and Timmins Dome Mines became powerful teams on the national scene.

Clubs: Frood Mines, Falconbridge Falcons, McIntyre Mines, Noranda, Dome Creighton, Kirkland Lake

Frood Mines qualified for playoffs.

1935 Lord Atholstan Cup Final

May 25, 1936 Consols Stadium, Toronto
Attendance: 1,500
Referee: W. Newton
Ulster United 1 (Bill Quinn)
Frood Mines 3 (Simpson, Davies, Waide)
Ulster: Wilson; Bill Davison, Doug McBride; Bill Quinn, Norman Bundy (George Singleton), Harold McCullough; Sam McNabney, Johnny Aitken, George Graham, Gordon, Meldrum. Sub: Bob Hume
Frood: Jimmy France; Cyril Meadows, Bob Murray; Bill Campbell, Dick Waide, Billy Grassum; Angus MacDonald, George Simpson, Taffy Davies, Billy Young, Alec Gray. Subs: J. Grassaum, Gaylor

Title awarded to Frood Mines when Ulster United refused to play the second game in Sudbury.

Exhibition games

May 22, 1935, Toronto
Attendance: 10,000
Toronto All-Stars 1 (J. Aiken)
Scottish Football Association XI 3 (Willie Miller 2, Hugh Gallagher)
Toronto All-Stars: L. Wollacott; W. Davison and C. Davis; J. Clulow, K. Sanvig and J. Hagen; O. Sutton, J. Aiken, G. Graham, N. Donald and L. N. Meldrum.
Scottish F. A.: W. Stevenson (Clyde); A. Anderson (Hearts) and R. McDonald (Rangers); P. Wilson (Hibernians), T. Smith (Kilmarnock) and R. Fraser (Aberdeen); R.Main (Rangers), W. Miller (Partick Thistle), H. Gallacher (Derby County), W. Mills (Aberdeen), D. Duncan (Derby County).

June 8, 1935, Maple Leaf Stadium, Toronto, Ontario
Attendance: 8,000
Eastern Canada All-Stars 0
Scottish Football Association 6
Read about the match here

Other Leagues & Cups

1935 Toronto & District League

Major League

Teams (10): Corinthians, Irish, Kenwoods, Lancashire, Leaside, Mimico Beach, Mt. Dennis, Oshawa, Park Vale, West Toronto

First Division

Teams (11): Beaches United, Canada Dairies, City Dairy, East York Workers, Everton, Greenwood Pirates, Industrial Union, Irish Reg., R.C.A.F, T. K. Maccebees, Western Hospital

1935 Ontario Cup

Preliminary rounds

Ontario district


September 24, 1935 Toronto
British Consols 4
O’Keefe’s Irish 1

British Consols qualified for Ontario district final

Toronto Scottish qualified for Ontario district final


October 12, 1935 Toronto
British Consols 2
Toronto Scottish 1

British Consols qualified for first round proper.

Northern Ontario District

Frood Mines qualified

Hamilton District

Hamilton City qualified

XX District – Snyder Cup

August 24, 1935 St. Catharines, Ontario
Niagara Falls Cataracts 1
St. Catharines McKinnons 0

August 31, 1935 Oakes Stadium, Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls Cataracts 3
St. Catharines McKinnons 1

Niagara Falls Cataracts won Snyder Cup on total-goals 4-1 and qualified for Ontario Cup first round.

First round

October 19, 1935 Toronto
British Consols 3
London Labatts 0

British Consols qualified for semi-finals

Frood Mines qualified for semi-finals

Hamilton City qualified for semi-finals


October 19, 1935 Oakes Park Field, Niagara Falls, Ontario
Referee: Dick Auld, Niagara Falls, New York
Niagara Falls (Ont.)
Hamilton City
Niagara Falls:
Hamilton City:


British Consols vs Frood Mines

Frood Mines withdrew. British Consols qualified for finals

??, 1935
Hamilton City

Hamilton City qualified for finals

Finals (Played in 1936)

July 8, 1936 Toronto
British Consols 2 (Bain 2)
Hamilton City  2 (Smith, Connelly)
Referee: Don Jowett
British Consols: Woolacott; Petterson, Weir; Johnny Cairns, Joe Clulow, Adams; Ollie Sutton, W. Cairns, Bain, Winning, Hagen. Subs: Packer, Clarke, McKissock
Hamilton City: J. McDonald; McMillan, C. Drummond; Watson, Leitch, Paterson; T. Drummond, Bob McDonald, Connelly, A. Smith, Ashthorpe. Subs: Barlow, McKean, McLean

July 11, 1936 Toronto
British Consols 6 (Bain 3, Clarke, Sutton, Hagen)
Hamilton City 2 (Patterson 2)
Referee: Don  Jowett
British Consols: Woolacott; Patterson, Weir; A. Cairns, Joe Clulow, Adams; Ollie Sutton, W. Cairns, Bain, Winning, Hagen. Subs: Bailey, Clarke, McKissock
Hamilton City: J. McDonald; McMillen, Leitch; Watson, Barlow, Patterson; McKean, Bob McDonald, T. Drummond, Andy Smith, Ashthorpe. Subs: Richardson, Hughes, C. Drummond

British Consols won the 1935 Ontario Cup

1935 British Consols Trophy


November 2, 1935 Toronto
British Consols 4 (Andy Stevens 2, Phillips, Jimmy Winning)
Toronto Scottish 1 (Davis)

November 9, 1935 Toronto
British Consols 2
Toronto Scottish 3

British Consols won the British Consols Trophy, emblematic of being Toronto City champions.

1935 Hamilton Spectator Cup Final

November 9, 1935 Hamilton
Hamilton City 3
Hamilton Stelco 0

Hamilton City won 1935 Hamilton Spectator Cup.

1935 Quebec Cup

XX, 1935 Montreal, Quebec

XXX won the Quebec Cup

1935 Macoun Cup – Quebec

October 5, 1935 Montreal, Quebec
Royal Victoria Hospital 1
Courtalds Club (Cornwall, Ontario) 2

Courtalds Club won the Macoun Cup, being the first Ontario club to win a Quebec soccer tournament.

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