1936 National Soccer League

President: Maurice Searle

Clubs and players

This was a time that saw a revival in the investments various companies made in sports. For an example British Consols and Falconbridge Falcons not only ran soccer teams but also had hockey teams. Indeed when Red Earley was transferred from the Falcons to the Consolmen in September 1936 this had as much to do with his abilities as a hockey player as well as soccer.

Review of the season – Western Division

The NSL opened its season in Hamilton on Saturday May 2, when Hamilton Thistles defeated Ulster United 1-0.

When Ulster United defeated Toronto Maple Leafs 6-1 on Wednesday night August 26, it put Maple Leafs out of the Western Division playoffs. The four teams that qualified for the playoffs were Ulster United, Toronto Scottish, Hamilton Thistles and British Consols.

Hamilton Thistles won the Western Division title when they won 3-2 over Toronto Scottish on Saturday August 29 in Toronto. They were the first Hamilton team to win the Western title.

In the last league game of the season Ulster United defeated Hamilton City 5-1 in Hamilton on Saturday September 5. Ulster United thus finished in second place in the league standing.

Review of the season – Eastern Division

Carsteel won the Eastern Division when they defeated Emard St. Paul 6-1 on September 12 at Alexandra Park. Notre Dame finished in second by defeating Hamilton United 3-0 on the same day.

Review of the season – Northern Ontario Division

After the season Noranda Mines player Alex Grant joined Maisonneuve Thistle in Montreal.

Lord Atholstan Cup

After eleven years of trying the Atholstan Cup finally returned to Montreal. Carsteel beat Ulster 6-3 on total goals over the two finals to win their first Atholstan Trophy since 1925.

Results and standings

Eastern-Northern Playoffs
September 27, 1936 in Sudbury
Falconbridge Falcons 1 (Billy Rowarth)
Montreal Carsteel 0

October 4, 1936 in Montreal
Montreal Carsteel 4 (Bennett, Chedgzoy, Shorrocks 2)
Falconbridge Falcons 2 (Matson, Rowath)

Western Division Playoffs
September 23, 1936 Consols Stadium, Toronto
Ulster United 2 (Harry McQuestion, “Honey Chile” Aiken)
British Consols 0

September 28, 1936 Consols Stadium, Toronto
British Consols 2 (Andy Stevens, Ollie Sutton)
Ulster United 0

October 5, 1936 Consols Stadium, Toronto
Ulster United 3 (Jimmy Moir, Bill Quinn, Hume)
British Consols 0

Lord Atholstan Cup
October 10, 1936 Consols Stadium, Toronto
Ulster United 3
Montreal Carsteel 5

October 12, 1936 Consols Stadium, Toronto
Ulster United 0
Montreal Carsteel 1 (Hutchinson)