1937 National Soccer League

Honorary president: L.A. Peto, Montreal
Honorary vice-presidents: Mayor W. D. Dobbins, Toronto; General F. S. Meighen, Montreal and C. S. Richardson, Toronto.
President: Maurice A. Searle, Toronto
First vice-president: Arthur Arnold, Hamilton
Second vice-president: D. S. Wilkinson, Montreal
Secretary-treasurer: George McBain, Toronto

Annual general meeting

The annual general meeting was held in Montreal on Saturday February 20, 1937. All of the last year’s officers were re-elected. Clubs represented at the meeting included Ulster United, British Consols, England United, Hamilton (Montreal) United, Montreal Carsteel, Montreal C.N.R. Scottish and Montreal C.P.R. Glen Yards. The financial report showed an income of $1,036 and expenditure of $946.

Review of the season – Western Division

The season opened on Saturday May 8. In Hamilton British Consols won 1-0 over Hamilton City. In Toronto Ulster United beat Hamilton Thistles 9-1 and Toronto Scottish won 2-1 over Maple Leafs.

Toronto Maple Leafs were unbeaten in 13 successive games before losing to London, Ontario, in the provincial semifinals of the Dominion Cup.

On Saturday September 25 Ulster United beat Maple Leafs 2-1 and won the Western Division championship.

Review of the season – Eastern Division

Before the season started Carsteel lost Robert Hutchinson to Falconbridge Falcons and Peter Smith to Maisonneuve Rovers.

Review of the season – Northern Division

Falconbridge Falcons were captained by Alex Samson. In April they signed Carsteel star Robert Hutchinson.

On Saturday night August 14 in Sudbury Falconbridge Falcons beat Frood Mines 3-0 to take control of the leadership in the Northern Division.

Lord Atholstan Trophy

After winning the Atholstan Trophy almost all of the British Consols players lost their jobs in the Consols signmaking plant, forcing them to look for new jobs.

Results and standings

Western Division
Standings as of September 2, 1937
                     GP W  L  T  GF GA Pts
British Consols      22 12  5  5 47 19  29
Ulster United        18 12  2  4 44 16  28
Toronto Maple Leafs  18 10  4  4 21 23  24
Toronto Scottish     24  9  9  6 34 45  24
England United       22  7 10  5 24 34  19
Hamilton City        24  6 17  1 23 36  13
Hamilton Thistles    22  5 14  3 18 39  13
Eastern Division 
                     GP W  L  T  GF GA Pts
Montreal C.N.R. Scottish
Northern Division
                      GP W  L  T  GF GA Pts
Falconbridge Falcons
Frood Mines


Western Finals 
October 5, 1937 Toronto
British Consols 2
Ulster United 1

October 7, 1937 Toronto
British Consols 2
Ulster United 2

British Consols won two-game total-goal series 4-3

West vs East 
October 9, 1937 Toronto
British Consols 3
Montreal C.N.R. Scottish 3

October 11, 1937 Toronto
British Consols 3 (Cairns, Gibson, Paterson)
Montreal C.N.R. Scottish 2 (Sawyers, Bill Menary)
British Consols: Arends; Jim Patterson, Weir; N. McLean, Clulow, Adams; Sutton, Cairns, Jack Patterson, McKissock, Garrett. Subs: Dandie, Gibson.
Montreal Scottish : E. McLean; J. Rose, T. Turley; Davis, Low, Sawyers; W. Menary, McIntosh, D. McLean, W. Bennett, J. Rowley. Subs: Smith, J. Menary. 

British Consols won two-game total-goal series 6-5

Lord Atholstan Cup Finals
October 23, 1937 Toronto
British Consols 1 (Paterson)
Falconbridge Falcons 3 (Aird 2, Samson)
British Consols: Dick Arends; Paterson, Weir; McLean, Joe Clulow, Adams; Ollie Sutton, Cairns, Paterson, McKissock, Gibson (Garrett).
Falconbridge Falcons: Wallace; Charlie Moore, Jim Lone; Phillips, Cyril Davis, Hutchison; McAllister, Aird, Rowarth, Henry Lone, Sheppard (Sampson, McArthur)

October 25, 1937 Toronto
British Consols 5 (Paterson 3, Sutton, Cairns)
Falconbridge Falcons 1 (Moore)
Briths Consols: Dick Arends; Paterson, Weir; McLean, Joe Clulow, Adams; Ollie Sutton, Cairns, Paterson, McKissock, Gibson. (Garrett)
Falconbridge Falcons: Bob McArthur; Charlie Moore, Jim Lone; Phillips, Cyril Davis, Hutchison; McAllister, Aird, Rowarth, Henry Lone, Sheppard. (Sampson)

British Consols won the two game, total-goal series 6-4