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1941 Season

1941 National Soccer League

President: Arthur Arnold, Hamilton
Vice-president: Herbert Pickering, Montreal
Secretary-treasurer: George McBain, Toronto


The annual general meeting was held at the Queen’s Hotel in Montreal on Saturday March 8, 1941. Arthur Arnold was re-elected as president and Bert Pickering as vice-president. George McBain was re-elected as secretary-treasurer. Clubs represented were Ulster United, Toronto Maple Leafs, England United and Toronto Scottish, of Toronto. Sons of England, Carsteel and Maisonneuve Rovers, of Montreal. Canadian Vickers of Montreal were admitted into the league. The Wings as they were known had been playing only exhibition matches in the 1940 season.

Review of the season – Western Division

Kenwoods joined from the Toronto Senior League.

At a meeting held in Toronto on April 14, fifteen players signed contracts to play for Ulster United in the 1941 season. George Waring was elected as president and T. R. Houston as honorary president.

The Western Section opened league play on May 9 when Kenwoods and Toronto Scottish battled to a 1-1 tie and Maple Leafs won 3-1 over Liptons.

On Wednesday night June 18 Ulster United and Toronto Scottish played to a 1-1 tie at Oakwood Stadium. The result gave Ulster United a five point lead ahead of England United and Maple Leafs in the league standings.

Ulster United smashed Toronto Scottish 11-0 on July 2 to qualify for the Western section play-offs.

Kenwoods beat Liptons 1-0 in the final league match of the season to win the right to play in the play-offs.

Ulster United won the Lord Atholstan soccer trophy for the first time since 1924. They beat Montreal Carsteel 2-1 on goals in the two-game, total-goal series. Carsteel won the first match on Saturday October 12, 1-0, on a goal by Doug McMahon. In the second game the following day goalkeeper Breadon did more than just tend his goal, he also scored two goals on penalty kicks to give Ulster a 2-0 win.

Western Division Standings (as of August 25):

Toronto Maple Leafs1912 3 428
Ulster United1710 1 626
England United19 8 7 420
Toronto Scottish19 510 414
Kenwoods18 510 313
Liptons18 413 1 9

Ulster United 3
England United 1
Maple Leafs 2
Kenwoods 2
Maple Leafs 1
Kenwoods 0

Ulster United 2
Maple Leafs 2
Ulster United 1
Maple Leafs 0

Ulster United qualified for Atholstan Cup final

Review of the season – Eastern Division

Maisonneuve Rovers changed their name to Vickers before the season started.

The Wings-players were drawn from the ranks of aviation workers.

Eastern Division Standings (as of July 14):

Montreal Carsteel1182119
Montreal Wings953111
Montreal Vickers74308
Glen Yards90900


1941 Lord Atholstan Cup Finals 

October 11, 1941 Toronto
Ulster United 0
Montreal Carsteel 1 (McMahon)
Referee: R. Auld
Ulster: Bill Breadon; Bill Davison, Doug McBridge; Chalmers, Adams, McDowall, Porter; Johnny Aiken, Tommy Axe, Bob Hume, George Graham. 
Subs: Harold McCullough, Jimmy Moir
Carsteel: Tim Gordon; George White, Lone; Sutherland, Samson, Archie Gammon; Castonguay, McDougall, Doug McMahon, George Chambers, Hutchinson.

October 13, 1941 Toronto
Ulster United 2 (Breadon 2)
Montreal Carsteel 0

Ulster United won the 1941 National Soccer League playoff championship.

Exhibition games

??, 1941 Toronto
Ulster United 5
Detroit Chryslers 2

November 2, 1941 Mack Park, Detroit
Attendance: 600
Detroit Chryslers 4 (Neil Campbell 4)
Ulster United 1 (Alex Gray)

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