1942 National Soccer League

Honorary president: Len A. Peto
Honorary vice-presidents: Mayor F. J. Conboy, Toronto; C. S. Richardson, Toronto and Brig.-Gen. F. S. Meighen, Montreal
President: E. R. Slade, Toronto
Vice-presidents: H. Pickering, Toronto and D. Cameron, Montreal


After the annual general meeting held in Toronto it was announced on April 14, 1942, that the league would continue as usual. At the meeting Len A. Peto was elected honorary president. E. R. Slade of Toronto was elected preisdent, with Bert Pickering and Duncan Cameron elected vice-presidents.

Western Division

On May 5 Ulster United announced that they had withdrawn from the Western Division of the NSL. They would instead compete in the Toronto Senior Soccer League. In the following days Toronto Scottish and Liptons decided to do the same. On May 8 Maple Leafs announced that they would discontinue operations. This left the Western Division without any teams.

Eastern Division

Joe Kennaway was the player coach of the Wings.

Standings as of May 29, 1942