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1944 Season

1944 Montreal National Soccer League

Teams competing in the 1944 season were Vickers United, Carsteel, R.A.F., Longue Pointe Ordenance, Fairchild, Signals and Stelco.

R.A.F. consisted of many players who had had remarkable careers overseas.

Vickers won the Montreal National Soccer League title.

1944 Toronto & District League

By the beginning of April 1944 seventeen teams had been entered. Three teams representing the armed forces had been entered, these were Newmarket, District Depot and Toronto R.C.A.F.

In the opening match of the 1944 season Ulster United beat Toronto Scottish 5-1 in front of 3,000 fans.

Soccer lost Ulster Stadium during the season.

Toronto Scottish were led by Bill Galbraith. Mostly consisting of Canadian boys they also had four former old country professionals who were serving with the Royal Air Force. The four were Paddy Patton, Bill Pickerill, Harry Farnsworth and Bill Whiteside.

Another player to appear for Toronto Scottish was Liverpool-star Billy Liddell. Liddell was serving with the R.A.F. in Moncton, New Brunswick, when he started playing for Toronto Scottish. To avoid that Liverpool found out that he was playing he played under the assumed name of Billy Tanner.

John Inglis won the Section A championship.



October 7, 1944 Toronto

October 7, 1944 Toronto

October 7, 1944 Withrow Park,Toronto
John Inglis
Manning Depot

John Inglis qualified for the semifinals.

October 7, 1944 Oakwood Stadium, Toronto
Toronto Scottish 3
Ulster United 2

Toronto Scottish qualified for semifinals.


October 14, 1944 Toronto
John Inglis 6
Hagibors 0

John Inglis qualified for the final.

October 14, 1944 Oakwood Stadium, Toronto
Toronto Scottish 3
Adys 0

Toronto Scottish qualified for the final


October 21, 1944 Oakwood Stadium, Toronto
Toronto Scottish 2
John Inglis 1

Toronto Scottish won the Toronto & District League championship.

Inter-City Exhibition Series

August 26, 1944 Molson Stadium, Montreal
Montreal Vickers 3 (Castonguay 2, Cameron)
Toronto Scottish 4 (Whiteside 2, Gibbins, Jimmy Winning)

September 18, 1944 Toronto
Toronto Scottish
Montreal Vickers

Exhibition games

May 13, 1944 Buffalo, New York
Attendance: 2,000
Buffalo Becks 2 (John Hofman 2)
King Edward Soccer Club 6 (C. Cooper 2, Amos Woodward 2, Don Bain, H. Dawes)

June 24, 1944 Detroit, Michigan
Detroit All-Stars
King Edward Soccer Club

June 25, 1944 Sports Park, Detroit, Michigan
Detroit All-Stars 4 (Eddie Tudor 3, Doug Nelson)
King Edward Soccer Club 2 (Amos Woodward 2)

November 5, 1944 Mack Park, Detroit
Michigan All-Stars 3 (Douglas Nelson, Walter Bugnatti, Ross)
Ulster United 2 (Stanley Smith, Ed Potter)

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