1945 Ontario Major Soccer League

The Ontario Major Soccer League was formed in Toronto in February 1945. The league was formed by five teams from the Toronto Senior Soccer League. The five teams were Ulster United, Toronto Scottish, King Edward, Research and John Inglis. A sixth team was to be added later. Major A. L. Steele, padre of No. 2 District Depot, was elected as president.

Leaside United replaced Research as league members.

The sixth team in the league was Hamilton Stelco.

Clubs and players

This was reported to be George Graham’s 20th season with Ulster United.

Review of the season

A league game between John Inglis and Ulster United drew 4,000 fans on Saturday July 21 at Broadview “Y” Field. It was the largest crowd to watch a league game in Toronto in ten years. The game ended in a 2-2 tie. On the same day they had a $200 gate at Oakwood Stadium when Toronto Scottish beat Hamilton Stelcos 3-1.

John Inglis won the league championship. When they were defeated by Brooklyn Wanderers in an Exhibition game on September 3, it was their first defeat in 18 starts.

Advertisment in the Toronto Daily Star on September 28, 1945

Results and standings

Final league standings
1. John Inglis
2. Ulster United


October 13, 1945 Broadview Y Field, Toronto
Ulster United 5 (Rudland 3, Axe, Graham)
Toronto Scottish 3 (Knobby Gibbons, Patterson, Dawes)

October 20, 1945
Ulster United 0
Toronto Scottish 1 (Spicer)
Ulster United won series 5-4

October 13, 1945 Oakwood Stadium, Toronto
John Inglis 3 (Johnny Clark, Jack Reid, Jack Jeffrey)
Hamilton Stelco 2 (Waterfield 2)

October 20, 1945 Broadview Stadium, Toronto
John Inglis 3 (Eric Adamson, Harry Phillips, Gilliland)
Hamilton Stelco 2 (Tomes, ???)
John Inglis won series 6-4

October 27, 1945 Broadview Field, Toronto
John Inglis 2 (Peter McKean, Davy Gilliland)
Ulster United 1 (Tommy Axe)

November 3, 1945 Oakwood Stadium, Toronto
John Inglis 1 (Eric Adamson)
Ulster United 1 (Rudland)
John Inglis won series 3-2

Exhibition games

August 23, 1945 Broadview Field, Toronto
Ulster United 2 (George Graham 2)
New York Hakoah 0

September 1, 1945 Toronto
Ulster United 1 (Don Ross)
Brooklyn Wanderers 0

September 2, 1945 Sparta Stadium, Chicago
Attendance: 2,500
Chicago South Side All-Stars 2 (Francisco Torres, Pete Matevich)
King Edward 4 (Don Bain 3, own goal)

September 3, 1945 Winnemac Stadium, Chicago
Attendance: 3,000
Chicago North Side All Stars 0
King Edward 6 (Amos Woodward 2, Don Bain, Danny Dawson, Alex Cooper, Harry McQueston)

September 3, 1945 Toronto
Attendance: 5,000
John Inglis 1
Brooklyn Wanderers 2