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1945 Season

Montreal National Soccer League

The National Soccer League was confined to operating in Montreal in the 1945 season.

The member clubs were Carsteel,

Montreal Carsteel won the 1945 Montreal National Soccer League.

Ontario Major League

The Ontario Major League was formed in February 1945. Major A. L. Steele was elected as the league’s first president. Five teams joined the league the same month. These were Ulster United, Toronto Scottish, King Edward, Research and John Inglis. A sixth team would be added later.

Later in February Hamilton Stelcos was awarded the sixth franchise in the league.

Research changed their name to Leaside United.

Final standings first half

1. John Inglis10 8 0 2 28 418
2. Ulster United10 3 2 5262311
3. King Edward10 4 4 2241810
4. Toronto Scottish10 3 4 31828 9
5. Hamilton Stelco10 2 5 31420 7
6. Leaside United10 2 7 11628 5

Final standings second half

1. John Inglis10 7 1 2321323
2. Ulster United10
3. Hamilton Stelco10
4. Toronto Scottish10
5. King Edward10
6. Leaside United10 1 8 11637 4



Ulster United defeated Toronto Scottish

John Inglis defeated Hamilton Stelco


John Inglis 2, Ulster United 1

John Inglis 1, Ulster United 1

John Inglis won Ontario Major Soccer League championship with total-goals 3-2.

Toronto Senior League

First Division

1. East End Canadians10100020
2. Mahers10
3. Hagibor10
4. Bowsers A. C.10
5. Liptons10
6. Navy10

Champions: East End Canadians

Second Division

Clubs: Ady F.C., Ajax Rangers, C. G. E., Mimico Beach, Newmarket “A”, R. E. L., Rogers Majestic, Rooneys, Slavia, Slovaks, Toronto Iris.

C.G.E. made a return to soccer after 15 years. Ajax Rangers of Claremont joined the league.

Champions: C.G.E.

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