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1946 Season

1946 National Soccer League

President: Ted Slade

Following a weekend meeting in Toronto it was announced on Monday February 4, 1946, that inter-provincial play probably would be resumed. The meeting in Toronto was attended by ten delegates from Montreal representing Carsteel, Vickers, Canadair, Stelco, Victoria Hospital and Maisonneuve. The meeting was chaired by National Soccer League president Ted Slade. Slade was the manager of the John Inglis club in the Toronto and District League in the 1945 season.

Eastern Division

President: Walter Vogan
Vice-presidents: Arthur Peters and John MacGregor
Secretary: Bill Howie

Review of the season

During the season Ferry Command dropped out.

Canadair Falcons won the National League championship.

Final Standings

1. Canadair Falcons1090119
2. Montreal Carsteel10
3. Montreal Stelco1064012
4. Rovers10
5. Montreal Vickers10


1946 Ontario Major Soccer League


In January 1946 it was rumoured that the league would expand to 16 teams. In January Toronto Scottish rejected an offer of a franchise in the newly-formed North American Professional Soccer League. President Jimmy Peden citing financial reasons.

At a league meeting on January 29 the membership of the league was increased to 11 teams. The new teams were A.D.Y., C.G.E.. East End, Kenwoods and Aluminum.

Fergus Beatty were added to the league membership at a meeting on February 8.

The John Inglis club of the Toronto & District League joined the NASPL and the Ontario Major League in March 1946. They later changed their name to the Toronto Greenbacks.

At a league meeting on Friday night March 29 the John Inglis club was barred from participation in the 1946 league season. This as they had failed to submit a list of players.

The amateur league was to operate with two divisions. Five Toronto teams and Hamilton Stelcos in the first division. The second division would consist of three Toronto teams and Fergus.

Review of the season

The season kicked off on May 4, 1946.

Ulster United made a clean sweep of all honours in the 1946 season. They won the Dominion Cup, the Ontario Major Soccer League, the Consols Cup, the Dunlop Cup and the Harris trophy. Ulster United played in 50 games, winning 47 and losing 3. The three losses came in exhibition games.

Liverpool beat Ulster United 11-1 on June 6 at Maple Leaf Stadium. The game was watched by 15,000 persons, the second largest crowd to ever see a soccer game in Canada. The largest was the 21,000 persons that watched the game between Ulster United and Scottish side Third Lanark in 1921.

First Division

1. Ulster United
2. Hamilton Stelcos
3. Toronto Scottish
4. East End Canadians
5. Wearever
6. East York

Second Division

Clubs: Ady FC, C.G.E., Fergus Beatty and Kenwoods



September 2, 1946 Oakwood Stadium, Toronto
Hamilton Stelcos 2
Toronto Scottish 2

September 7, 1946 Oakwood Stadium, Toronto
Toronto Scottish 1
Hamilton Stelcos 3

Hamilton Stelcos won total-goals series 5-3 and qualified for the final

September ??, 1946
Ulster United

September 7, 1946
Ulster United

Ulster United qualified for the final


September 12, 1946 Oakwood Stadium, Toronto
Ulster United 4
Hamilton Stelcos 3

September 14, 1946 Broadview Field, Toronto
Ulster United 2
Hamilton Stelcos 1

Ulster United won total-goals series 6-4 and the Ontario Major Soccer League championship.

Exhibition game

June 5, 1946 Maple Leaf Stadium, Toronto
Attendance: 15,000
Ulster United 1
Liverpool FC 11

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