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1947 Season

1947 National Soccer League

President: Wally Vogan
Vice-presidents: Miss Jean Gordon, Toronto and Pat Nolan, Montreal
Secretary-treasurer: Bill Howie


The annual general meeting was held on Sunday March 23, 1947. Wally Vogan was re-elected as president and an unusual precedent was established with the election of Miss Jean Gordon as vice-president. The league would again be inter-provincial, consisting of Toronto Greenbacks, Montreal Stelco, Montreal Falcons and Montreal Carsteel. The Falcons were later replaced by Ulster United of Toronto.

Carsteel and Stelco also competed in the National City League in Montreal.

Review of the season

The opening game of the 1947 season was played in Toronto on Saturday May 10. Toronto Greenbacks and Montreal Stelco played to 1-1 draw.

Montreal Stelco moved into a tie for top place in the NSL with Ulster United when they defeated Toronto Greenbacks 2-1 on August 9 in Montreal. Carsteel defeated Ulster United 3-2 in Toronto.

Stelco won the league championship when they played to a scoreless draw with Carsteel in Montreal on October 11.

Doug Cunningham was awarded the McLagan Trophy. The trophy was awarded annually to the Most Valuable Player in the eastern section of the NSL.


Standings as of August 11, 1947

Montreal Stelco19
Ulster United19
Toronto Greenbacks17
Montreal Carsteel11

Final standings

1. Montreal Stelco

Playoff finals

Champions: Toronto Greenbacks

Exhibition games

May 24, 1947 Randalls Island, New York
German American League All-Stars 1
Ulster United 5

October 18, 1947 Oakwood Stadium, Toronto
Canadian All-Stars
United States All-Stars
Canadian All-Stars: Goalkeeper ; forwards Hugh Godley (Montreal Stelco), Doug McMahon (Montreal Carsteel), Les Medley (Toronto Greenbacks), Art Varley (Ulster United), Joe Rabowlsky (Toronto Hungaria). Alternates: Bob Greenhalgh (Lancashire), Billy Cairns (Toronto General).
United States All-Stars: Goalkeeper

November 27, 1947 Sterling Oval, New York
Attendance: 2,500
New York All-Stars 3 (Jack Hynes 3)
Ulster United 3 (Les Medley, Bill Cairns, Don Ross)

Other Leagues and Cups

1947 Ontario Major Soccer League


The annual general meeting was held on Sunday March 9, 1947. It was decided to operate as a four-team league consisting of Ulster United, Toronto Scottish, Canadian General Electric and Hamilton City.

In March the league added East End Canadians as members.


Canadian General Electric

East End Canadians

Hamilton City

Toronto Scottish

Ulster United

Ontario Major Soccer League finals

November 4, 1947 Oakwood Stadium, Toronto
Toronto Scottish 2
Ulster United 1

November 8, 1947 Broadview Stadium, Toronto
Toronto Scottish 1
Ulster United 4

November 15, 1947 Oakwood Stadium, Toronto
Toronto Scottish 1
Ulster United 2

Exhibition games

May 25, 1947 Randalls Island Stadium, New York
Attendance: 1,500
German-American League All-Stars 2 (Ed Rice 2)
Ulster United 3 (Jack Rudland 2, Harry McQueston)

November 27, 1947 Sterling Oval, Bronx, New York
New York All-Stars 3 (Jackie Hynes 3)
Ulster United 3 (Leslie Medley 2, Don Ross)

1947 Toronto & District Football Association

Senior League

Teams included: Hungarian Ady F.C., Kenwood Rogers, Lancashire, Macedonians, Mimico Branch, Tartans, Wear-Ever

Star Trophy – Senior League play-off championship

First Division

Teams included:

1947 Campbell Cup Final

Hungarian Ady 5, Irish F.C. 2

Hungarian Ady 4, Irish F.C. 2

Hungarian Ady won two-game total-goals series 9-4

1947 Consols Cup

Champions: East End Canadians

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