1948 National Soccer League

Clubs and players

Returning players for Canadair Falcons included goalkeeper Ted Lunt, center half Art Froggatt and Stan Rose.

Review of the season

Toronto Greenbacks defeated London Labbats 4-1 in the opening game of Western Division on May 2 in Toronto.

Hamilton Westinghouse won the western section.

Montreal Carsteel won the eastern section.

Carsteel won the playoff championship.

Doug McMahon set a new Canadian goalscoring record by scoring 71 goals during the 1948 season. The previous record was the 60 goals scored by Eddie MacLaine in the 1925 season.

After the season London Labbats and Brantford Nationals joined the Ontario Major League.

Results and standings

Eastern playoffs
September 25, 1948 Notre Dame Stadium, Montreal
Carsteel 4 (Doug McMahon 3, Andy Menyes)
Canadair Falcons 2

September 26, 1948 Charlevoix, Montreal
Carsteel 6 (Doug McMahon 2, Andy Menyes 2, Willie Gammon, Stoddard)
Canadair Falcons 2

Carsteel won the two-game total-goal series 10-4.

Atholstan Cup Final
October 9, 1948 Charlevoix, Montreal
Montreal Carsteel 3
Hamilton Westinghouse 1

October 10, 1948 at Charlevoix, Montreal
Montreal Carsteel 3 (Doug McMahon, Jack Muir, Paul Castonguay)
Hamilton Westinghouse 3 (Bob Kennedy, Jimmy Swan, George Campbell)

Carsteel won the two-game total-goals series 6-4.