1949 National Soccer League

President: Arthur Arnold, Hamilton.
Secretary-treasurer: W. B. Howie, Montreal
Vice-presidents: Jack Waldon, Toronto and Herb Pickering, Montreal

League meeting

At a meeting held in Hamilton on January 18, 1949 the NSL accepted two new Toronto clubs into the league. East End Canadians and St. Andrew’s were added to the league and it was planned that they would play in the Western Division together with Toronto Greenbacks, Hamilton City and Hamilton Westinghouse. It was also said that a second division was being planned. This division would probably comprise London, Guelph, Brantford, Hamilton Imperials and one more Hamilton team. At the meeting Arthur Arnold was named president and Arthur Cook secretary-treasurer.

Annual general meeting

The annual general meeting was held in the King Edward Hotel in Toronto on March 12 to March 13, 1949. The Western Division clubs attending the meeting were Toronto Oakwood, East End Canadians, St. Andrew’s, Hamilton City and Hamilton Westinghouse. The meeting was attended by delegates from Montreal with the hope that the Inter-Provincial League could be revived. On Saturday March 12 Arthur Arnold was elected as president of the league and W. B. Howie as secretary-treasurer. Vice-presidents elected were Jack Waldon of Toronto in charge of the western section and Herb Pickering of Montreal in charge of the eastern section.

Clubs and players

The clubs in the Western Section were Toronto Oakwood, East End Canadians, St. Andrews and Hamilton Westinghouse.

Review of the season

On October 4 the western section league championship was awarded to East End Canadians by default over Hamilton Westinghouse. This as Westinghouse had refused to play all three of the western section playoff finals in Toronto. Westinghouse won the first game in Toronto against the East End Canadians on October 1 but refused to return to the second match scheduled on Wednesday October 5.

Montreal Cancar won the Eastern Section.

Lord Atholstan Cup

The finals for the Atholstan Cup that were planned for September 1949 were postponed to June 1950 due to fixture congestion and snow. The East End Canadians won the two-game total-goals series 11-2 over Montreal Cancar. Cancar were weakened by the loss of its first-string goalkeeper.

Results and standings

Lord Atholstan Cup finals
June 2, 1950 Toronto
East End Canadians 7
Montreal Cancar 1

June 3, 1950 Toronto
East End Canadians 4
Montreal Cancar 1

East End Canadians won the two-game total-goals series 11-2.