1952 National Soccer League


In March the clubs in the league decided that they would not take part in the Dominion Championships. This as they felt it would be financially impossible to play in the finals in Vancouver in August.

Toronto Hungaria joined the league from the Toronto Major League. Polish White Eagles joined the NSL from the Metro League.

Clubs and players

János Kiss was the player coach of Hungaria. Before the season started Hungaria tried to import six Hungarian players that were playing in Colombia. The six players were Gyula Zsengeller, Györgo Marik, Rákóczi, Laszlo Füzesi, Sandor Türuk and Füredi.

Review of the season

East End Canadians won the league championship.

Toronto Ukraina won the playoff championship.

Olympia and Toronto Scottish were dropped by the NSL after the season.

Hamilton Austins also dropped out.

Results and standings

East End Canadians14 2 230
Toronto Hungaria14 2 230
St. Andrews10 2 622
Hamilton Westinghouse 9 3 621
Ukraina 7 7 421
Ulster United 7 6 520
Hamilton Austins 4 5 913
White Eagles 3 6 912
Olympia 3 312 9
Toronto Scottish 1 215 4

NSL Play-offs

September 20, 1952 Fred Hamilton Park, Toronto
Attendance: 600
St. Andrews 3
Toronto Hungaria 2 (Kratochvil 2)

September ??, 1952 Fred Hamilton Park, Toronto
Attendance: 200
Toronto Hungaria 3
Hamilton Westinghouse 1

September ??, 1952 Fred Hamilton Park, Toronto
Attendance: 2500
Toronto Ukraina 1
Toronto Hungaria 0

September ??, 1952 Fred Hamilton Park, Toronto
Attendance: 40
Toronto Hungaria 1
Hamilton Westinghouse 1

September ??, 1952 Fred Hamilton Park, Toronto
East End Canadians 1
Toronto Hungaria 1

Arnold Cup Finals

Toronto Ukraina won the championship playoffs

Exhibition games

May 22, 1952 Toronto
Attendance: 11,000
Referee: Hugh McLean. Linesmen: Harry Saddler, Alex Gray
Ontario All-Stars 0
Tottenham Hotspurs 7 (Sonny Walters 2, Len Dunquemin 2, Tommy Harmer 2, Les Bennett)
Ontario All-Star roster: George Anderson; Dobie, Jack Perrett; Davidson, Syme, Johnston; Douglas, Kennedy, Davies, Shaw, Talbot. Subs: Zdillich, Shapka, Johnstone

June 15, 1952 University of Detroit Stadium, Detroit
Attendance: 10,000
Referee: Doug Nelson
Ulster United 2 (Jack Long 2)
Manchester United 4 (Frank Clempson, Johnny Aston, John Downie, Stan Pearson)

Ulster United: George Anderson; Jack Perrett, Jock Gifford; Sam Davidson, Phil McKay, Bob Kennedy; Jack Long, John Douglas, Alf Davies, Jim McLaughlin, Malcolm McLean. Subs: Vic Malcolmson, John Worsley, James Douglas

Manchester United: Jack Compton; Tom McNulty, Jack Carey; Dave Gibson, Mike Jones, Harry Cockburn; Harry McShane, Frank Clempson, John Aston, Stan Pearson, Roger Byrne. Subs: Reggie Allen, John Berry, John Downie, Jack Rowley, John Blanchflower, John Whitefoot

Kiwanis Challenge Trophy

September 18, 1952, Molson Stadium, Montreal
Quebec All-Stars 3 (Frank Nyers 2, Giovanni Bincoletto)
Ontario All-Stars 5 (John Burnett 2, Cecil Harrison, Alex Skocen, Harry Oplah)
Quebec All-Stars: Bill Gill;
Ontario All-Stars: George Anderson;