1956 National Soccer League

President: Ed Waring
Vice-president: Ken Bowyer


In March 1956 Rochester Ukrainians applied for membership in the NSL. The application was rejected as the league expected that there would be problems with teams crossing the international border.

The league planned to operate as a ten-team league with nine clubs in Toronto and one in Hamilton. However, Hamilton Westinghouse dropped out before the start of the season.

Sparta was the new Toronto club that was added to the league. The club was backed by the Czech community in Toronto.

In May 1956 the NSL announced that would not take part in any of the cup competitions outside of its own league schedule.

On June 21 The National Soccer League was fined $500 by the Ontario Football Association as they had played games on crashing dates with the Ontario All-Star team. The fine resulted in a feud that would last for many months.

At a meeting held on June 25 in Toronto the NSL decided to withdraw from membership of the Ontario Association.

Leadership change

There was a change in the leadership of the National Soccer League at the start of the season. On May 29, 1956 Arthur Arnold announced his resignation as chairman. Arnold was also the president of the Ontario Soccer Association and thought it best to concentrate his activities on that organization. Ed Waring took over as president.

Review of the season

The East End Canadians strenghtened their team by signing Tommy Robertson, former halfback with Stirling Albion of the Scottish League. The Canadians already had two notable British players in Jack Robertson, former Scottish amateur international; and Peter O’Doyle, formerly of the Irish League.

Ethnic German club Olympia was strengthened by signing centre forward Gerhardt Borchart. They also signed Otto Gasteiger, who had played three league games for Austria Wien in October 1955.

Toronto Italia was coached by Antonio Codeluppi. Codeluppi was a former player for Bari in Italy.

Toronto Sparta joined the league from the Continental Soccer League.

Ostap Steckiw was named as the new coach of Tridents before the season started.

The season opened in Toronto on May 5.

Toronto Polish White Eagles won the league and playoff championships.

National Soccer League Play-offs


October 7, 1956 Fred Hamilton Park, Toronto
Polish White Eagles 2 (Lesz, Pawlas)
Ulster United 1 (A. Gallagher)

Polish White Eagles qualified for Carling Cup Finals

October 8, 1956 Fred Hamilton Park, Toronto
Toronto Italia defeated

Toronto Italia qualified for Carling Cup Finals

Carling Cup finals

October ??, 1956 Fred Hamilton Park, Toronto
Attendance: 6,000
Polish White Eagles 2 (Alfie Lesz, Stan Pawlas)
Toronto Italia 1 (Beppi Schiabel)

October 28, 1956 Fred Hamilton Park, Toronto
Polish White Eagles 2 (Pawlas, Lesz)
Toronto Italia 2 (Pivetta, Schiabel)

Polish White Eagles won the playoff championship

Exhibition games

May 29, 1956 Delorimier Stadium, Montreal, Quebec
Attendance: 6,017
Referee: Herb Yarnell, Montreal
Montreal All-Stars 0
Aberdeen Football Club 8
Montreal All-Stars:
Aberdeen FC:

June 2, 1956 Varsity Stadium, Toronto
Ontario All-Stars 3 (Stan Pawlas 2, Jack McKinnon)
Aberdeen Football Club 8 (Hugh Hay 3, Jack Allister 2, Paddy Buckley, Harry Yorston, John Allan)
Ontario All-Star roster: Goalkeeper Ted Piskozub;

August 6, 1956 Montreal Baseball Park, Montreal, Quebec
Attendance: 12,454
Quebec All-Stars 0
Lokomotiv Moscow 9
Quebec All-Stars:

August 18, 1956 Varsity Stadium, Toronto
Attendance: 18,249
Referee: Ray Morgan
Canadian All-Stars 1 (Brian Philley)
Lokomotiv Moscow 2 (Valentin Bubukin, Victor Voroshilov)
Canadian All-Stars: Goalkeeper Ken Pears ; right half Jack Steele; outside right John Clifford; centre forward Brian Philley;

October 21, 1956 Varsity Stadium, Toronto
Attendance: 11,000
Ontario All-Stars 3
Maccabbi Tel Aviv (Israel) 6
Ontario All-Star roster: