1957 National Soccer League

General manager: Connie Leber
President: Walter Freer


The National Soccer League in Ontario was now an outlawed league. This led to that the Inter-provincial final between the two Western and Eastern Division winners was not played.

Malta United joined the league from the Toronto Metro League. They paid $1,500 for their franchise rights.

Clubs and players

East End Canadians started the season with a number of new recruits from Scotland. The Canadians were coached by Johnny Syme.

Toronto Hungaria were greatly strengthened by the arrival of ten players who had escaped from Hungary. All were in their early 20’s and several with juvenile international experience. The Hungarians were coached by John Kiss who had escaped from Hungary several years ago. 

Ulster United signed Peter Himus from Tooting & Mitcham and goalkeeper Frank Schwarz, a refugee from Czechoslovakia.

Review of the season

The season opened on May 4.

On May 5

Toronto Italia won the league and playoff championships.

There was no Inter-Provincial Final as the NSL were affiliated to the Canadian Soccer Association. Instead two games were staged between the NSL Quebec All-Stars and the NSL Ontario All-Stars for the Labatt Trophy.

Most popular player – Mario Pizutti (Toronto Italia)

19-year old Italia fullback Mario Pizutti was voted as the most popular player in the NSL by the World Soccer magazine in Toronto. Mario joined Toronto Italia in 1953.

Leading goalscorer – Gerhard Borchert (Olympia)

Gerhard Borchert joined Olympia in May 1956. He had spent four years in a Russian prison camp before coming to Canada. In 1957 he was the leading goal scorer in the National Soccer League.

Results and standings

Final standingsWestern Division

Wh. Eagles27153939
Ulster Utd271110628
Malta Utd27811824
Sparta 27217812

Leading goalscorer

  1. Gerhard Borchert (Olympia)

Carling Cup

October 20, 1957 Fred Hamilton Park, Toronto
Attendance: 6,200
Referee: Jack Craig
Toronto Italia 1
Toronto Hungaria 0

October 27, 1957 Fred Hamilton Park, Toronto
Toronto Italia 1
Toronto Hungaria 1

November 3, 1957 Fred Hamilton Park, Toronto
Toronto Italia 1
Toronto Hungaria 2 (Aurel Szondi 2)

November 10, 1957 Fred Hamilton Park, Toronto
Toronto Italia 2
Toronto Hungaria 0

Toronto Italia won the National Soccer League playoff championship.


Final standings

1. Cantalia
2. Hungaria
3. Sparta
4. Vienna
5. Ukraina
6. Polonia

Labatt N.S.L. Cup Finals

November 3, 1957 Toronto
Ontario National League All-Stars 1 (Alfie Lesz)
Quebec National League All-Stars 0

November 10, 1957 Faillon Stadium, Montreal
Quebec National League All-Stars 3 (Arpad Kiraly 2, Zoltan Teli)
Ontario National League All-Stars 0

Exhibition game

May 25, 1957 Varsity Stadium, Toronto
Attendance: 9,000
Referee: Ray Morgan
Ontario All-Stars 0
Tottenham Hotspurs 7 (Bobby Smith 5, Tommy Harmer 2)
Ontario All-Star roster: Goalkeeper Jim Nicholl (Hamilton); fullbacks J. Sexton (Hamilton), A. Shaw (Toronto Thistles); half-backs Ostap Steckiw (Rochester Ukrainians), B. Bennett (Belfast United), Zackaluznyj (Toronto Thistles); forwards J. Giffen (Belfast United), M. Csurgó (Hamilton Hungaria), J. Richmond, F. Gear, Bereza (Rochester Ukrainians). Subs: W. Robinson (Toronto Thistles), J. McManus (Windsor), Lawrie.