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1960 Season

1960 National Soccer League

President: Walter Freer
Secretary-manager: Frank Thirkettle


Referees included Alec McKechnie, Marion Bukowski (Montreal, Quebec), Tom “Tommy” Cuthbert, Ray Morgan (Toronto) and Nogradi (Montreal).

Review of the season

The annual general meeting was held in Toronto on Saturday January 16. Montreal Hakoah F.C. Inc. attended the meeting with the intention of applying for league membership. The re-entry application from Hamilton Cougars was turned down.

The Toronto Sparta franchise was bought by the Italians who had owned the I.C.A. Italia club in the International Soccer League in the 1959 season.

The 1960 season was supposed to open at Faillion Stadium in Montreal on Saturday May 14 with Montreal Ukraina meeting Ulster United but unplayable conditions forced a postponement.

Toronto Italia clinched the league championship when the won 4-1 over Polish White Eagles on Tuesday October 4. It was Italia’s first league championship since 1957.

Toronto Italia won the playoff championship.

After the season Toronto Tridents and Montreal Ukraina were voted out of the League.

Montreal Concordia joined the International Soccer League but continued to play in the NSL. Toronto Italia, Montreal Cantalia and the Hamilton Italo-Canadians joined the Eastern Canada Professional Soccer League.

Final standings

Toronto Italia24174337
Toronto Sparta24153636
Montreal Concordia24146432
Montreal Cantalia24149129
Montreal Hungaria24139228
Hamilton Italo-Canadians24128428
Toronto Ukraina24109525
White Eagles241010424
Toronto Hungaria2479822
Olympia Harmonie24914119
Montreal Ukraina24516313*
Ulster United24517212*
Toronto Tridents2421937

After the season Ulster United changed places with Montreal Ukraina due to Ukraina’s use of ineligible players.

Leading goalscorers*

Angelo Pizorno (Toronto Italia)24
Tibor Stankovitz (Montreal Hungaria)23
Billy Clark (Olympia-Harmonie)18
Imre Dora (Toronto Hungaria)17
Filippo Cannavacciuoulo (Hamilton Italo-Canadians)15
Juan Novello (Toronto Italia)15
Ros Valentino (Montreal Cantalia)14
Hector Dadderio (Montreal Concordia)13
Steve Kenderes (Montreal Hungaria)13
Eddie McLeod (White Eagles)13
Bruno Cociutti (Toronto Sparta)12

*Based on own research

National Soccer League Play-offs

October 5, 1960 Montreal
Montreal Hungaria beat
Montreal Concordia

Hungaria advanced to Montreal final

October 9, 1960 Faillon Stadium, Montreal
Montreal Cantalia 4 (Valentino 4)
Montreal Hungaria 0

Cantalia advanced to Championship finals

October 8, 1960 Toronto
Toronto Sparta 2
Hamilton Italo-Canadians 1

October 9, 1960 Stanley Park, Toronto
Toronto Italia 4
Hamilton Italo-Canadians 0

October 10, 1960 Stanley Park, Toronto
Attendance: 7,586
Toronto Italia 2
Toronto Sparta 1

Toronto Italia advanced to the Championship finals

Championship finals

October 16, 1960 Faillon Stadium, Montreal
Attendance: 6,000
Referee: Ray Morgan
Montreal Cantalia 2
Toronto Italia 2

October 22, 1960 Stanley Park, Toronto
Toronto Italia 0
Montreal Cantalia 0

October 23, 1960 Stanley Park, Toronto
Attendance: 7,000
Toronto Italia 4
Montreal Cantalia 2

Exhibition games involving the NSL and NSL clubs

May 16, 1960 Lansdowne Park, Ottawa, Ontario
Attendance: 4,500
Montreal Cantalia 0
Heart of Midlothian 3
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May 18, 1960 Montreal, Quebec
Montreal Concordia 0
Heart of Midlothian 2
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June 11, 1960 Varsity Stadium, Toronto
Ontario All-Stars
Heart of Midlothian

The match was cancelled as Hearts instead played against Burnley.

July 11, 1960 Varsity Stadium, Toronto
Toronto Italia 1
Sampdoria (Italy) 11

August 27, 1960 Varsity Stadium, Toronto
Ontario All-Stars 2
Zenit Leningrad (Russia) 4
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North Atlantic Soccer Football Cup

June 1, 1960: Cantalia vs Nice (France)

May 18, 1960 McGill Stadium, Montreal, Quebec
Montreal Cantalia 2
Burnley 1
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June 15, 1960: Concordia vs Kilmarnock (Scotland)

July 6, 1960: Concordia vs Red Star (Yugoslavia)

July 20, 1960: Cantalia vs Sampdoria (Italy)

July 27, 1960: Concordia vs Bangu (Brazil)

Match reports

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