National Soccer League

Canadian National Soccer League

1961 Eastern Canada Professional Soccer League

President: Harold Ballard, Toronto
First vice-president: John Longworth, Hamilton
Second vice-president: John Parkinson, Toronto
Secretary: Bill Simpson, Toronto
Treasurer: Al Agnelli, Toronto
Duncan Beattie, Hamilton Steelers
Pete Bosa, Toronto Italia
Steve Stavro, Toronto City
Aldo Cecchi, Montreal Cantalia

Review of the season

The Eastern Canada Professional Soccer League was formed in Toronto on Thursday March 2, 1961. It started with Toronto Italia leaving the National Soccer League to join Toronto City and Hamilton Steelers. It was expected that Montreal Cantalia would also join the league.

Montreal Cantalia lost its home opener against Hamilton Steelers on Sunday May 14. An estimated crowd of 5,000 saw the Steelers win 2-1.

The opening game in Toronto was played on Saturday night May 20, with Toronto Italia beating Toronto City 3-2. 16,509 fans watched the game at Varsity Stadium.

Toronto City won the regular season league championship based on goal average over Montreal Cantalia.

Final standings

Toronto City2411310454125
Montreal Cantalia241059474425
Hamilton Steelers24969454524
Toronto Italia249411434522

Leading goalscorers

1. Peter SmethurstHamilton Steelers16
2. Ismael FerreiraMontreal Cantalia12
3. Bruno BertolinToronto Italia11
3. Ambrose MorganToronto City11
5. CannavacciouloHamilton Steelers 9

Fausto RoselloMontreal Cantalia6
Juarez DanteMontreal Cantalia5

September 21, 1961 Hamilton
Montreal Cantalia 4
Hamilton Steelers 1

September 23, 1961 Delorimier Stadium, Montreal
Montreal Cantalia 4 (Ante Kosta 2, Andy Toth, Nick Filiopione)
Hamilton Steelers 1 (Gunnar Pinkenelle)

Cantalia won series

September 23, 1961 Varsity Stadium, Toronto
Toronto City 0
Toronto Italia 0

September 25, 1961 Varsity Stadium, Toronto
Attendance: 3,668
Toronto City 2 (Ambrose Morgan, Willie Huberts)
Toronto Italia 1 (Ken Smith)

September 27, 1961 Varsity Stadium, Toronto
Attendance: 3,758
Toronto City 2
Toronto Italia 6

Italia won series

President’s Cup

September 30, 1961 Varsity Stadium, Toronto
Attendance: 5,000
Toronto Italia 1 (Ken Smith)
Montreal Cantalia 1 (Ante Kosta)

October 8, 1961 Varsity Stadium, Toronto
Attendance: 5,435
Referee: Ray Morgan
Toronto Italia 1
Montreal Cantalia 2

October 9, 1961 Varsity Stadium, Toronto
Montreal Cantalia 3 (Emil Erbach, Andy Toth, Nick Filippino)
Toronto Italia 0

Montreal Cantalia won the President’s Cup

Exhibition games

May 21, 1961 Delorimier Stadium, Montreal
Montreal Cantalia 1
Birmingham City 0
Match report

May 25, 1961 Civic Stadium, Hamilton
Hamilton Steelers 2
Birmingham City 4
Match report

June 7, 1961 Lansdowne Park, Ottawa
Montreal Cantalia 3
Stade de Reims 5
Match report

June 11, 1961 Hamilton
Hamilton Steelers 1
Stade de Reims (France) 8
Match report

June 18, 1961 Ottawa
Ottawa & District All-Stars 1 (Johnny Szabo)
Montreal Cantalia 6 (Ros Valentino 4, Fausto Rosello, Jorge Sanchez)

June 21, 1961 Varsity Stadium, Toronto
Toronto Italia 0
Stade de Reims 9
Match report

June 22, 1961 Delorimier Stadium, Montreal
Montreal Cantalia 1
Stade de Reims 4
Match report

June 24, 1961 Varsity Stadium, Toronto
Toronto City 2
Stade de Reims 1
Match report

August 25, 1961 Empire Stadium, Vancouver
Real Madrid 5
Toronto City 1
Match report

Match reports

DateHome Away
14/05/1961Montreal Cantalia 1Hamilton Steelers 2
20/05/1961Toronto City 2Toronto Italia 3
24/05/1961Toronto CityMontreal Cantalia
28/05/1961Montreal Cantalia 4Toronto Italia 2
30/05/1961Toronto Italia 0Toronto City 1
01/06/1961Hamilton Steelers PMontreal Cantalia P
04/06/1961Hamilton Steelers 1Toronto City 4
07/06/1961Toronto Italia 1Hamilton Steelers 4
17/06/1961Toronto Italia 1Toronto City 3
28/06/1961Toronto City 1Hamilton Steelers 1
05/07/1961Toronto Italia 2Toronto City 1
09/07/1961Montreal Cantalia 2Toronto City 4
12/07/1961Toronto City 2Montreal Cantalia 1
13/07/1961Hamilton Steelers 3Toronto Italia 2
17/08/1961Hamilton Steelers 3Toronto City 4
27/08/1961Montreal Cantalia 1Toronto Italia 1
30/08/1961Toronto ItaliaHamilton Steelers
06/09/1961Toronto City 0Toronto Italia 1
13/09/1961Montreal CantaliaToronto Italia
20/09/1961Toronto Italia 0Toronto City 1
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