1964 Eastern Canada Professional Soccer League

President: Bill Simpson

Annual general meeting

The annual general meeting was held in Toronto on January 11 and 12, 1964.


Referees included: Hugh McLean (Guelph, Ontario) and Mitchum

Clubs and players

Hamilton Steelers
Stadium: Civic Stadium, Hamilton, Ontario
General manager: Duncan Beattie
Head coach: Telly Tatti
Key players: Goalkeeper Enore Zanori; fullback Dave Hartwell; half-backs John Simpson and Ray Edwards; forwards Bo Lewis, Peter Smethurst, Billy Tennant, John Kerr and Alan Shaw.

Montreal Italia
Stadium: Jarry Park, Montreal
General manager: Aldo Cecchi
Head coach: Skender Perolli replaced by Aldo Cecchi
Key players: Goalkeeper Uwe Schwart, fullbacks Tommy Barrett and Willie Fleming; half-back Ivan Ribero; forwards Ante Kosta, Romano Cori and

Toronto City
Formed: 1959
Stadium: Varsity Stadium, Toronto
President: Steve Stavro
General manager: George Gross
Head coach: Malcolm Allison, replaced by Charlie Fleming
Key players: Goalkeeper Nigel Sims; fullbacks Tony Book and Tom McGlennon; half-backs Bobby Kinloch, John Young, Bobby Nicol and Norman Sykes; forwards John Brooks, Jorge Bentivegna, Ted Purdon, Charlie Fleming

Toronto Inter-Roma
Stadium: Varsity Stadium, Toronto
President: Ted Laraia
Player coach: Ruben Cerioni
Key players: Goalkeeper Willy Muirhead; fullbacks Carmine Carella and Alejandro Pires; half-backs Gordon Bradley and Joao Fiote; forwards Alan Harvey, Noel Di Castro and Albert Zelen.

Toronto Italia
Owner: Joe Peters
Stadium: Varsity Stadium, Toronto
General manager: Frank Pedersen
Head coach:
Key players: Goalkeeper Roy Rea; fullbacks Tony Lecce and Andy Tillotson; half-backs Gordon Hopkinson, Ray Gough and Hector Marinaro; forwards Jorge Piotti, Anders Yrfelt, Jorgen Petersen and Carlo Meditieri

Review of the season

Toronto City defeated Toronto Roma 1-0 in the opening game in Toronto on Sunday May 10 in front of 7,326 fans at Varsity Stadium. The same day Hamilton Steelers defeated Montreal Italia 5-1 in front of a crowd of 3,500 in Montreal.

Montreal Italia was suspended with two games left following a 5-0 defeat by Toronto Italia. That game was called off with ten minutes left when referee Hugh McLean and Montreal manager Al Cecchi became involved in a dispute and the entire Montreal team was ordered off from the field. The ECPSL decided that Montreal’s two remaining games with Toronto Roma should be forfeited.

The first City-Roma playoff game also counted in league standings because the teams had an outstanding game scheduled for that day.

Toronto City won the ECPSL Championship finals in straight games (2-0 and 1-0) over Toronto Italia. Ted Purdon scored all three goals.

Results and standings

Final standings

Toronto City144634
Toronto Italia136531
Toronto Roma119426
Ham. Steelers614416
Mtl Italica516313

Leading goalscorers

1. Jorge Bentivegna (Roma)21
2. Charlie Fleming (Toronto City)19
3. Ted Purdon (Toronto City)17
4. Jorgen Petersen (Toronto Italia)16
5. Jorge Piotti (Toronto Italia)11
5. Carlos Metidieri (Toronto Italia)11
5. Peter Smethurst (Hamilton Steelers)11
5. Noel DiCastro (Toronto Roma)11

August 29, 1964 Varsity Stadium, Toronto
Attendance: 2,304 
Toronto City 3 (Johnny Brooks, Joe Tonani, Tony Doncevski)
Toronto Roma 1 (Jorge Bentivegna)
September 4, 1964 Varsity Stadium, Toronto
Toronto City 3
Toronto Roma 1
Toronto City won best-of-three series 2-0

August 30, 1964 Hamilton
Attendance: 2,200
Hamilton Steelers 1 (Jim Simpson)
Toronto Italia 4 (Metidieri 2, Vitor Bevivino, Anders Yrfelt)
September 2, 1964 Varsity Stadium, Toronto
Toronto Italia 0
Hamilton Steelers 2
September 8, 1964 Varsity Stadium, Toronto
Toronto Italia 4
Hamilton Steelers 1
Toronto Italia won best-of-three series 2-1

ECPSL Championship finals
September 9, 1964 Varsity Stadium, Toronto
Toronto City 2 (Ted Purdon 2)
Toronto Italia 0
September 13, 1964 Varsity Stadium, Toronto
Toronto City 1 (Ted Purdon)
Toronto Italia 0
Toronto City won best-of-three games series 2-0

Exhibition game

June 5, 1964 Varsity Stadium, Toronto
ECPSL All-Stars 0
Heart of Midlothian 2

June 8, 1964 Hamilton, Ontario
Hamilton Steelers 1 (Ray Edwards)
Meidericher Spiel Verein* (Germany) 1 (Heinz Hoer)

*Now known as MSV Duisburg