1964 Eastern Canada Professional Soccer League

President: Bill Simpson

Annual general meeting

The annual general meeting was held in Toronto on January 11 and 12, 1964.


Referees: Hugh McLean (Guelph, Ontario) and Mitchum

Clubs and players

Hamilton Steelers
Stadium: Civic Stadium, Hamilton, Ontario
General manager: Duncan Beattie
Head coach: Telly Tatti
Key players: Goalkeeper Enore Zanori; fullback Dave Hartwell; half-backs John Simpson and Ray Edwards; forwards Bo Lewis, Peter Smethurst, Billy Tennant, John Kerr and Alan Shaw.

Montreal Italia
Stadium: Jarry Park, Montreal
General manager: Aldo Cecchi
Head coach: Skender Perolli replaced by Aldo Cecchi
Key players: Goalkeeper Uwe Schwart, fullbacks Tommy Barrett and Willie Fleming; half-back Ivan Ribero; forwards Ante Kosta, Romano Cori and

Toronto City
Formed: 1959
Stadium: Varsity Stadium, Toronto
President: Steve Stavro
General manager: George Gross
Head coach: Malcolm Allison, replaced by Charlie Fleming
Key players: Goalkeeper Nigel Sims; fullbacks Tony Book and Tom McGlennon; half-backs Bobby Kinloch, John Young, Bobby Nicol and Norman Sykes; forwards John Brooks, Jorge Bentivegna, Ted Purdon, Charlie Fleming

Toronto Inter-Roma
Stadium: Varsity Stadium, Toronto
President: Ted Laraia
Player coach: Ruben Cerioni
Key players: Goalkeeper Willy Muirhead; fullbacks Carmine Carella and Alejandro Pires; half-backs Gordon Bradley and Joao Fiote; forwards Alan Harvey, Noel Di Castro and Albert Zelen.

Toronto Italia
Owner: Joe Peters
Stadium: Varsity Stadium, Toronto
General manager: Frank Pedersen
Head coach:
Key players: Goalkeeper Roy Rea; fullbacks Tony Lecce and Andy Tillotson; half-backs Gordon Hopkinson, Ray Gough and Hector Marinaro; forwards Jorge Piotti, Anders Yrfelt, Jorgen Petersen and Carlo Meditieri

Review of the season

Toronto City defeated Toronto Roma 1-0 in the opening game in Toronto on Sunday May 10 in front of 7,326 fans at Varsity Stadium. The same day Hamilton Steelers defeated Montreal Italia 5-1 in front of a crowd of 3,500 in Montreal.

Montreal Italia was suspended with two games left following a 5-0 defeat by Toronto Italia. That game was called off with ten minutes left when referee Hugh McLean and Montreal manager Al Cecchi became involved in a dispute and the entire Montreal team was ordered off from the field. The ECPSL decided that Montreal’s two remaining games with Toronto Roma should be forfeited.

The first City-Roma playoff game also counted in league standings because the teams had an outstanding game scheduled for that day.

Toronto City won the ECPSL Championship finals in straight games (2-0 and 1-0) over Toronto Italia. Ted Purdon scored all three goals.

Results and standings

August 29, 1964 Varsity Stadium, Toronto
Attendance: 2,304 
Toronto City 3 (Johnny Brooks, Joe Tonani, Tony Doncevski)
Toronto Roma 1 (Jorge Bentivegna)
September 4, 1964 Varsity Stadium, Toronto
Toronto City 3
Toronto Roma 1
Toronto City won best-of-three series 2-0

August 30, 1964 Hamilton
Attendance: 2,200
Hamilton Steelers 1 (Jim Simpson)
Toronto Italia 4 (Metidieri 2, Vitor Bevivino, Anders Yrfelt)
September 2, 1964 Varsity Stadium, Toronto
Toronto Italia 0
Hamilton Steelers 2
September 8, 1964 Varsity Stadium, Toronto
Toronto Italia 4
Hamilton Steelers 1
Toronto Italia won best-of-three series 2-1

ECPSL Championship finals
September 9, 1964 Varsity Stadium, Toronto
Toronto City 2 (Ted Purdon 2)
Toronto Italia 0
September 13, 1964 Varsity Stadium, Toronto
Toronto City 1 (Ted Purdon)
Toronto Italia 0
Toronto City won best-of-three games series 2-0