1965 National Soccer League

President: Bill Boytchuk


The annual general meeting was held in Toronto February 7, 1965. Vasyl (Bill) Boychuk was re-elected as president of the league.

The NSL decided to add five more Ontario franchises to the league to form an 11-team division. The new teams addded at the time were Toronto Hakoah, Windsor Teutonia, Kitchener Kickers, Sudbury Italia and Oshawa Ukrainians. All these teams had paid the $500 entry fee. In addition they were considering wether to accept Croatia or Imperials as the Hamilton entry. Teams in London and St. Catharines had also applied for membership. The league ended up as a 12-team league when they added Toronto club Azzurri.


Referees included Alex Weir (Hamilton, Ontario) and Art King (Toronto, Ontario)

Preview of the season

In the Windsor Star newspaper on May 7, 1965, it was predicted by Wally Lomas that the Toronto clubs Ukraina, Olympia and Abruzzi would be the strongest members of the league. Wally Lomas is a life member of the Ontario Football Association.

Review of the season

The season kicked off on Sunday May 2, 1965 at Stanley Park with two new clubs meeting each other, Toronto Hakoah beating Sudbury Italia 2-1.

The following weekend the two other non-Toronto teams that had been added to the league opened their seasons with identical losses with a 2-1 score to their opponents. On the Saturday Abruzzi beat Kitchener Kickers, on the Sunday Toronto Hellas beat Windsor Teutonia at Stanley Park.

After the games played on Sunday June 20, Hakoah was leading the leading with 15 points. This was six more than Toronto Hungaria, Toronto Ukraina and Sudbury Italia. These three Clubs were all tied for second. Windsor Teutonia was in last place.

On Thursday night June 24 Toronto Ukraina and Abruzzi played to a scoreless draw in Toronto.

Sudbury Italia and Olympia played to a 2-2 draw on Saturday July 17 in Sudbury. Frank Rosati scored twice for the Italians. Rolf Hermann and George Coottie scored for Olympia.

Sudbury Italia went through a run of 13 undefeated games.

Victor Ivony scored three goals in 10 minutes in Toronto Hungaria’s 8-2 win over Olympia on August 30.

When Ukraina and White Eagles played to a goalless tie on Saturday September 1, Sudbury’s 2-2 tie with Hungaria on the Sunday was enough for the Ukrainians to clinch the league championship title.

Six of the twelve teams qualified for the play-offs. Kitchener Kickers got the sixth spot on goal average, finishing their league games after the play-offs had started.

Toronto Ukraina and Hakoah qualified for the championship finals, with Hakoah coming out as winner in the best-of-three-games series.

After the season had finished Hakoah dropped out again from the league. Other clubs that dropped out were Azzurri and Abruzzi.


July 23, 1965 Toronto
Toronto Hakoah 6 (Bobby Smith 4, ???, ???)
Toronto Hungaria 2 (???, ???)

July 30, 1965 Toronto
Toronto Olympia 0
Toronto Hungaria 0

August 14, 1965 Toronto
Toronto Hungaria 2 (Tommy McLeod, Joe Pallagh)
Kitchener Kickers 1 (Les Fizel)

August 15, 1965 Sudbury
Sudbury Italia 2
Toronto Azzuri 0

August 15, 1965 Toronto
Toronto Croatia 5 (George Simcic 2, Richard Golle 2, Mike Horvath)
Windsor Teutonia 2 (Gaetano Ferragato, Tibor Vigh)

September 3, 1965 Toronto
Toronto Hungaria 2 (Bobby Kinlock, Joe Pallagh)
Toronto Azzuri 0

September 24, 1965 Toronto
Toronto Hungaria 5 (Tommy McLeod, Tommy Wilson, George Cooke, Joe Wysh, Vic Ivonyj)
Toronto Hellas 2 (Chris Hatzis, Peter Troukakos)


Final league standings

Toronto Ukraina22153434
Toronto Hakoah22122832
Sudbury Italia22113931
Toronto Hungaria22123630
Windsor Teutonia2297624
Kitchener Kickers2289521
Toronto Croatia22910321
Toronto Olympia22610620
Toronto Hellas22711418
Toronto Abruzzi22412615
Portuguese United22414311
Toronto Azzurri22212711

Kitchener earned play-off spot on goal average.

Play-offs Group A
October 2, 1965
Toronto Ukraina 4 (Walter Skocen 2, Fred Patterson, Ken Beattie)
Windsor Teutonia 2 (Tibor Vigh 2)
October 10, 1965 Sudbury
Sudbury Italia 1 (Frank Rosati)
Windsor Teutonia 0
October 17, 1965 Toronto
Toronto Ukraina 2 (Fred Patterson, Leo Dowhaluk)
Sudbury Italia 0

Play-offs Group B
October 3, 1965
Toronto Hungaria 1 (Tibor Ovonyj)
Toronto Hakoah 1 (Tommy Adams)
October ??, 1965
Kitchener Kickers
Toronto Hungaria
October ??, 1965
Kitchener Kickers
Toronto Hakoah

NSL League finals (Best-of-three)
October ??, 1965
Toronto Hakoah
Toronto Ukraina
October 24, 1965
Toronto Hakoah 2
Toronto Ukraina 3
October 26, 1965 Stanley Park, Toronto
Toronto Hakoah 3 (Jim Lefkos 3)
Toronto Ukraina 1 (Leo Dowhaluk)

Exhibition games

April 18, 1965 29th and Cambria streets, Philadelphia
Attendance: 2,000
Philadelphia Ukrainian Nationals 5
Toronto Ukraina 1

September 5, 1965 Cobb Hill, Rochester, New York
Rochester Ukrainians 3 (Walter Latiuk 2, Temchenko)
Toronto Ukraina 1 (Walter Skocen)


Windsor Star