1968 National Soccer League

Clubs and players

Stadium: Stanley Park, Toronto
Player Coach: Alex Marshall
Key players: Goalkeeper John Opacak; half-back Peter Simpson; forwards Chris Hatzis, Angelo Karras, Bruce Smith and Hugh Shiels.

Hellas led by player-coach Alex Marshall had a team composed of eight Greek-Canadians and five Scottish-Canadians.

Stadium: Stanley Park, Toronto
Head Coach:
Key players: Half-back Barry Keating; forwards Leo Dowhaluk and George Dean.

Hungaria were led by center-forward Leo Dowhaluk, who in seven games netted 14 goals. Dowhaluk had formerly played for Wacker Vienna and Toronto Ukraina, after the season he joined Rochester Lancers of the American Soccer League.

Kitchener Concordia Kickers

Founded: 1873
Head Coach:
Key players: Dieter Herkert

Stadium: Stanley Park, Toronto
Head Coach:
Key players: Willie Otto, Lutz Wolanski, Philip Sax

Polish White Eagles
Stadium: Stanley Park, Toronto
Head Coach:
Key players:

Portuguese FC
Stadium: Stanley Park, Toronto
Manager: Joe Mederos
Key players: Hardy Dressen, Olivio Neto

Portuguese FC had a team consisting of Portuguese-Canadians from Hamilton and the Metro area.

Sudbury Italia Flyers Soccer Club
Founded: 1949
Stadium: Queen’s Athletic Field, Sudbury
Key players: Frank Rosati, Peter Simpson, Anders Yrfelt

Sudbury Italia spent about $30,000 on the season. Carlos Amorin joined the club after having a try-out with Toronto Falcons, he had played for Defensor in Uruguay.

Nine of the eleven players on Sudbury’s team in their last game of the regular season was at the time living in Toronto. One of these were former Toronto Italia star Anders Yrfelt.

Sport Association Ukraina

Founded: May 16, 1948
Stadium: Stanley Park, Toronto
Manager: Ostap Steckiw
Coach: Alex Skocen
Key players: Joe Bolognesi, Ted Purdon

Windsor Teutonia

Founded: 1929
Stadium: Wigle Park, Windsor
Head Coach:
Key players: Edward Mielke

Review of the season

On April 17 Windsor Teutonia met NASL-club Detroit Cougars in an exhibition match at Wigle Park in Windsor. 500 fans watched the professional Cougar team win 7-1.

Both Windsor Teutonia and Toronto White Eagles opened their seasons when they met at Wigle Park in Windsor on Saturday May 25. Teutonia won the game 2-1 thanks to two goals from Edward Mielke.

Sudbury Italia won the league championship and playoff finals.

23,700 fans attended the games during the 1968 season.

After the season Windsor Teutonia dropped out.

Results and standings

Exhibition games

April 17, 1968 Wigle Park, Windsor
Attendance: 500
Windsor Teutonia 1 (Werner Machmig)
Detroit Cougars 7 (Barry Brown 3, John Kerr 2, Lars Heinemann, Jorgen Kristensen)

October 1, 1968 Stanley Park, Toronto
NSL All-Stars 0
Canadian National Team 1 (Papadakis)
Line-up: Ted Hatzis (GK), Herculy Vaz, Ted Purdon, Bernardo Vargas, Iris deBrito

Bernardo Vargas and Iris deBrito from the Toronto Falcons guested for the All-Stars.