1977 NSL Div 2


In December 1976, Club Roma applied for, and was granted, a franchise in the National Soccer League and changed their name to St. Catherines Roma. They were a member of the National Soccer League and the Canadian National Soccer League from 1977 through to 1997.

Clubs and players

Bradford Marshlanders

Founded: 1976
Stadium: Bradford High School field
Head coaches: John Rowley and Derek Nash

Roster included goalkeeper Pasquale Amaro; John Carvalho, Jim Greco, Mark Twynam.

Buffalo Blazers

Founded: 1976
Stadium: War Memorial Stadium, Buffalo, New York
Head coach:

Roster included goalkeeper Brian McLaughlin; defender John Priest; midfielder John “Jay” Hoffman; forward Brian “Bud” Lewis

Buffalo Blazers moved into War Memorial Stadium in Buffalo.

Mississauga Hungaria
Founded: 1976
Stadium: Corn Starch Stadium, Mississauga
Head coach: Andy Berki

Roster included goalkeeper Bobronko Mikic and Louis Battagin; defenders Guido DeAndreis, D’Alphonso Giuliano, Aubrey Vanderstar and Ned Zaffino; midfielders Ferdinand Horvat, John Ruta, Odillo Biotto and Gustavo Rico; forwards John Torontali, Peter Kovacs, Bert Laing, Romolo DiVito, Dominic Vetro, George Toth, Rick Moretta, Chuck Tanti, Imre Kily and Frank Cassanao.

Goalkeeper Bobronko Mikic was signed from Toronto Croatia.

Montreal Stars
Stadium: Jarry Park, Montreal
Head coach:

Roster included Nick Christodoulou and Anastasios Koutsoukos

Ottawa Tigers

Founded: 1965
Stadium: Lansdowne Park, Ottawa
General manager & coach: Mario Cerilli

Roster included goalkeeper Saad Azab and Tony DeCurtis; defenders Mick Wharton, Gordon Armstrong, Roberto De Angelis and Ihlan Akmanol; midfielders Tommy Henderson and Steve Matthews; forwards Billy Telford and Ilya Sykes.

Ottawa Tigers started its seventh NSL season by moving into Landsowne Park in Ottawa. They had four imports from England in Tom Henderson, Steve Matthews, Mick Wharton and Bill Telford. Other imports included Marino DeBellis (Italy), Robert Lacossade (Haiti), Gordon Armstrong (Scotland), Saad Azab (Egypt) signed from Montreal Castors and Ihlan Akmanol (Turkey).

Other players were Tony DeCurtis from Toronto, veteran Nino Flamini and Ilyasa Sykes.

During the season Mick Wharton joined Toronto Croatia.

Head coach:
Key players: Goalkeeper Andy Turaj; forwards Desmond Jones and David Knowles.

St. Catharines Heidelberg

Founded: 1952
Head coach:
Key players:

St. Catharines Roma

Founded: 1967
Stadium: Roma Park, St. Catharines
Head coach: John McNeil
Key players: Marcus Klein, Bill McIlveen, Bill Millar, Tony Novacic

Sudbury Cyclones

Founded: 1976
Stadium: Queen’s Athletic Field, Sudbury
Owner-President: Wolf Mildenberger

Sudbury Cyclone was coached by Peter Severinac. Returning players included goalkeeper Vic Pessot, Stephen Jennings, Bill Czerwinec, Mario Anselmo, Ted Domalewski, Roy Gallo, John Dagostini and Ferrucio Deni.

The Cyclones imported 18-year old Gary Thornley from Manchester, England, to strengthen their team. They also signed Jamaican star Corcel Blair, who had formerly played for Toronto Metros-Croatia in the NASL.

Toronto Falcons
Founded: 1975
Head coach:

Roster included Kazimierz Opara and Kazimierz Krawczyk

Results and standings

Leading goalscorer:
1. Billy Telford (Ottawa Tigers) 25 goals

Promotion-relagation play off
October 2, 1977 Toronto
Toronto Croatia 3 (Dennis D’Hugo 2, Steve Loparic)
Ottawa Tigers 1 (Tom Henderson)
October 10, 1977 Mooney’s Bay, Ottawa
Ottawa Tigers 0
Toronto Croatia 2 (Bill McGill, Mike Wharton)