1977 NSL Div 2


In December 1976, Club Roma applied for, and was granted, a franchise in the National Soccer League and changed their name to St. Catherines Roma. They were a member of the National Soccer League and the Canadian National Soccer League from 1977 through to 1997.

Review of the season

St. Catharines Heidelberg won 1-0 over Bradford Marshlanders on May 1 at Bradford High School in Bradford. It was the Marshlanders first league game of the season.

Toronto Falcons were Second Division league champions and earned promotion to the First Division.

Ottawa Tigers won promotion the First Division.

Results and standings

Leading goalscorer:
1. Billy Telford (Ottawa Tigers) 25 goals

Leading goalkeeper:
1. Jerzy Patola (Toronto Falcons)

Promotion-relagation play off
October 2, 1977 Toronto
Toronto Croatia 3 (Dennis D’Hugo 2, Steve Loparic)
Ottawa Tigers 1 (Tom Henderson)
October 10, 1977 Mooney’s Bay, Ottawa
Ottawa Tigers 2 (Bill McGill, Mike Wharton)
Toronto Croatia 0