1978 National Soccer League

Division 2

Bradford Marshlanders

Founded: 1977
Stadium: Bradford High School field
Player coach: Dave Reid

Roster included goalkeepers Pasquel Amaro and Dave Ross; Nick Greco, Mark Twynam and Jim Greco

Recruited its players from Newmarket, Bradford and Toronto. Average age of the squad was said to be 20.

Mississauga Soccer Club
Founded: 1978
Stadium: St. Lawrence Starch Stadium, Mississauga
Head Coach: Frank Gilmore

Roster included goalkeeper Lou Battigan; defenders Doug Birrell, David Campbell and Chuck Tanti; midfielders John Ruta, Steve Crooks, Rick Moretta, Neil Jamieson and Ned Zaffino; forwards Peter Kovacs, Richard Bittner, Kim Albrecht, Frank Cassano and Chris Martin

Stadium: Lamport Stadium, Toronto
Head Coach:

Goalkeepers Sam Kattos and Slaw Laszczka; Zbigniew Hertel, Milan Zlatar, Stanley Polak

Polonia started the season slowly but improved when they imported several players from Poland.

St. Catharines Roma

Founded: 1967
Stadium: Roma Park, St. Catharines
Head Coach:

Roma strengthened its team by signing Canadian National Team veteran Jim Douglas. Returning players included goalkeeper Marcus Klein; defenders Willy Gregg, Al Robinson, Bill McIlveen and Joe Fenwick; Brian Shannon and forward Tony Novacic. Other players were John McNeil Jnr and Bill Hall.

Roma went through the season undefeated in twelve league games. Tony Novacic ended the season as the leading goalscorer in the NSL Second Division.

St. Catharines Heidelberg

Head Coach:
Key players: Goalkeeper John Vanoostveen; Charley Carey and John Mellor; forwards George Johnston and Neil Watton.

Sudbury Cyclones

Founded: 1976
Stadium: Queen’s Athletic Field, Sudbruy
President: Wolf Mildenberger

The team was coached by Jim Thomson. In goal they had Victor Pessot and Ugo Battachio. Defenders included Mario Anselmo, Bill Cerwinec and Bob Gonko. Midfielders were Angelo Battachio, Nick and Johnny Dagostino. Forwards were Andy Petrie (signed from Toronto San Fili), George Krauss, Don Comrie and Walter Michelutti. Veteran player Ferrucio Deni filled in both as a defender and a foreard.

Sport Association Ukraina

Founded: 1948
Stadium: Centennial Stadium, Etobicoke, Toronto
Head Coach:
Key players: Goalkeeper Igor Prokipchuk, Sam Calvallo

Results and standings

Leading goalscorers:
(As of July 21, 1978)
1. Jim Douglas (St. Catharines Roma)           10 goals
2. Tony Novacic (St. Catharines Roma)           7 goals
3. George Johnston (St. Catharines Heidelberg)  6 goals
   Neil Watton (St. Catharines Heidelberg)      6 goals
The Sudbury Star newspaper