1983 National Soccer League

Secretary: Job Jones

Clubs and players

Dinamo Latino
Head coach: Jorge Piotti
Key players: Goalkeeper Glen McNamara; defender Alex Abarca; midfielders Syd Marsh and Carlos Lazon; forwards Cesar Figueredo and Blas Sanchez.

First Portuguese

Founded: September 23, 1956
Head Coach:
Key players: Goalkeeper R. Pinto; midfielder Armando Costa; forwards Denis Hutchinson and Jose Testas

First Portuguese signed Denis Hutchinson, formerly of Bradford Marshlanders.

Hamilton Steelers

Founded: 1981
Head Coach:
Key players: Goalkeeper Greco, defender Mike Radovich, forward Carlos Salguero

London City Soccer Club

Founded: February 14, 1973
Stadium: Cove Road Field, London, Ontario
President: Markus Gauss
General manager: Harry Gauss
Head Coach:
Key players: Louie Fotia


Founded: 1976
Head Coach:
Key players:

St. Catharines Roma

Founded: 1967
Stadium: Roma Park, St. Catharines
Head Coach:
Key players:

Toronto Croatia

Founded: 1956
Head Coach:
Key players:

Toronto Italia

Founded: 1972
Head Coach: Omar Sivori
Key players: Joao Moniz

Review of the season

Much due to the the sound goalkeeping of Costas Mosgopoulos  and the goalscoring of Chris Lamis Panellenic won the league championship. Toronto Italia hired Omar Sivori as their coach. Sivori was a former Juventus star who was the European Footballer of the Year in 1961. Led by their strong forward-line of Hector Marinaro, Joao Moniz and Ed McNally they finsihed in the second spot. Former NSL star player Jorge Piotti coached Dinamo Latino to a third place finish.

Hamilton Steelers joined the ill-fated Canadian Professional Soccer League before the season started. They however kept a reserve team in the NSL. When the CPSL folded the CPSL players returned to play for the NSL team.

After the season London City left the league and London Marconi took over the franchise in London, Ontario.

Results and standings