1983 Canadian Professional Soccer League

League commissioner: John Bailey

League formation

On December 7, 1982 John Bailey announced that the league would have two divisions, a Central Division and a Western Division. The members of the Eastern Division would be Montreal, Toronto, Hamilton, Mississauga and Kitchener. The principle owners were Bob Laker in Montreal; Dr. Simon McGrail in Toronto; Mario DiBartolomeo, president of Hamilton Steelers, in Hamilton; Dr. Antun Pavelic, president of Toronto Croatia, in Mississauga and Tom Mihas, a restaurant owner, in Kitchener. Two more franchises, in London and Toronto, was said to be pending.

Star players

Colin Franks had formerly starred for Watford, Sheffield United and Toronto Blizzard. In 1983 he was with Toronto Nationals.
Former 1. FC Nürnberg and Bayern München goalkeeper. In 1983 he signed for Calgary Mustangs.
Former England international. Starred with Sheffield United and Leeds United. Joined Toronto Nationals in 1983.


Referees included Phil Clarke (Calgary)

Clubs and players

Calgary Mustangs

Owner: Edgar Edringer
Budget: $ 650,000
Stadium: Mewata Stadium, Calgary (Capacity: 5,600 seats)
General manager: Dave Davies
Head coach: Gunter Noel
Key players: Goalkeeper Manfred Müller, from Bayern München; defender Holger Brück, formerly of Calgary Boomers; midfielder Franz Hiller; striker Harold Schwer.

Edmonton Eagles

Owner: John Tiemessen
Budget: Not known
Stadium: Clark Stadium, Calgary
General manager: Joe Petrone
Head coach: Dieter Hochheimer
Key players: Hans Kraay Jr, former Edmonton Driller; Yugoslavian Dubravko Ledic, former MISL player; Carlos Rivas, from Chile.

Hamilton Steelers

Owner: Mario DiBartolomeo
Budget: $ 500,000
Stadium: Ivor Wynne Stadium, Hamilton
General manager: Joe Mallozzi
Head coach: Carlo Delmonte
Key players: Mike Radovic, defender from Red Star Belgrade and the NASL; Momcilo “Mike” Stojanovic, former NSL leading goalscorer who also starred in the NASL; Carlos Salguero, former striker in the NASL, MISL and NSL.

FC Inter-Montreal

Owner: Bob Laker
Budget: $1,200,000
Stadium: Jarry Park, Montreal (Capacity: 25,000 seats)
General manager:
Head coach: Eddie Firmani
Key players: Yugoslavian goalkeeper Raddy Avramovic, signed from Notts County in England; Pino Wilson, banned for life in Italian soccer; Bob Vosmaer; Gordon Hill, former Manchester United and Manics star; Tasso Koutsoukos, Montreal-born winger.

Mississauga Croatia

Owner: Dr Antun Pavelic
Budget: $400,000
Stadium: Etobicoke Centennial Stadium (Capacity: 5,000 – 2,500 seats)
General manager: Steve Nezic
Head coach: Ted Pop
Key players: Canadian goalkeeper Dalian Baxter; South American Carlos Lazon; Peter Stipancik.

Toronto Nationals

Owner: Klaus Dietsold
Budget: $ 1,000,000
Stadium: Varsity Stadium, Toronto (Capacity: 20,500 seats)
General manager: Frank Pike
Head coach: Frank Pike
Key players: Blagoje Tamindzic, former goalkeeper in the NSL and NASL; Hans Gunter Neues, defender from Kaiserslautern in Germany; Colin Franks, former Toronto Blizzard midfielder; Tony Currie, England international.

Review of the season

May 21-23, 1983 Opening weekend

The opening game of the CPSL season was played in Toronto on Saturday May 21, with Toronto Nationals beating Inter-Montreal 2-1 at Varsity Stadium in front of 3,860 fans.

On Sunday May 22 Edmonton Eagles defeated Hamilton Steelers 2-1 in Hamilton. About 4,000 fans watched the game at Ivor Wynne Stadium.

The following day, Monday May 23, Mississauga Croatia and Calgary Mustangs tied 1-1 at Centennial Stadium in Toronto. 1,800 fans watched the game.

May 25, 1983

Carlos Salguero scores twice as Hamilton Steelers defeat Calgary Mustangs 2-1.

May 26, 1983

In front of 825 fans at Centennial Stadium Arthur Calixte scores to give Inter-Montreal a 1-0 win over Mississauga Croatia. Former Montreal Manic-player Robert Vosmaer had the pass.

May 27, 1983

At Varsity Stadium Edmonton Eagles and Toronto Nationals play to a 1-1 tie. Former Eredivisie- and Edmonton Drillers-player Andre Oostrom scores for the Nationals, Bob Rosenlund scores for the Eagles. About 1,500 fans watch the game in Toronto.

May 29, 1983

Calgary Mustangs win 4-0 against Mississauga Croatia in their league home-opener. 5,107 fans watch the game at Mewata Stadium. The Mustangs have nine young Canadians in the starting lineup.

At Clarke Stadium in Edmonton 7,138 fans turn out to see the Eagles’s home opener against Hamilton Steelers. The game ends in a 1-1 tie.

June 1, 1983

Edmonton Eagles defeat Mississauga Croatia 4-1 at Clarke Stadium in front of 3,124 fans. The Eagles outshoot Mississauga 28-9.

In Calgary Hamilton Steelers and Calgary Mustangs play to a 1-1 tie. Former NASL- and MISL player Niels Guldbjerg scores for the Steelers and Franz Hiller scores for the Mustangs.

June 3, 1983

Ecuador national team player Carlos Torres Garces scores two goals in Toronto Nationals 3-0 win over Mississauga Croatia. Former England international Tony Currie scores the first goal of the game.

Hamilton Steelers 1, Inter-Montreal 1

June 5, 1983

Inter-Montreal get a 3-2 win over Hamilton Steelers in their league home debut. 12,412 fans watch the game at Jarry Park. After the game the Montreal management deny a report that 5,000 free tickets had been distributed before the game.

Hanks Kraay Jr. and Dubravko “Zach” Ledic scores as Edmonton Eagles win 2-0 over Calgary Mustangs at Mewata Stadium in front of 3,245 fans.

Mississauga Croatia record their first win in five games when they defeat Toronto Nationals 4-2. Frank Fiddler and Boris Kukolja each scores twice for Croatia. Frank Ciaccia and Sydney Marsh scored for the Nationals.

June 8, 1983

Edmonton 3, Calgary Mustangs 0

Mississauga Croatia beat Hamilton Steelers 3-2.

June 12, 1983

Gordon Hill scored three goals to lift Inter-Montreal to a 3-0 win over Mississauga Croatia.

At Clark Stadium in Edmonton 6,152 fans watched Edmonton Eagles beat Toronto Nationals 2-1.

June 15, 1983

In Montreal, Hamilton Steelers get their first league win of the season when they beat Inter-Montreal 2-1.

Harald Schwer scores three goals to give Calgary Mustangs a 4-0 win over Toronto Nationals.

June 18, 1983

Toronto Nationals folds. According to the league new owners would take over the club and form a new franchise on Monday June 20.

June 19, 1983

In front of 1,269 fans Edmonton Eagles beat Calgary Mustangs 6-0 at home. Edmonton native Ross Ongaro scores two goals.

June 22, 1983

Arthur Calixte and Tasso Koutsoukos scores as Inter-Montreal win 2-0 over Mississauga Croatia. Former Manchester United star Gordon Hill has one assist.

June 24, 1983

Edmonton Eagles 3, Calgary Mustangs 1

June 26, 1983

Inter-Montreal 3, Mississauga Croatia 1

Hamilton Steelers 3, Toronto Nationals 2

June 29, 1983

Inter-Montreal folds. The players decide to stay with the team as they hope that new backers will be found for the franchise.

July 1, 1983

Hamilton Steelers 4, Mississauga Croatia 1

July 3, 1983

Mississauga Croatia 2, Calgary Mustangs 2

July 6, 1983

With four minutes left Dean Kelly scores for Calgary Mustangs as they tie Hamilton Steelers 1-1. Miro Jakovjevic had given the Steelers the lead at Ivor Wynne Stadium.

July 10, 1983

Mississauga Croatia 3, Hamilton Steelers 2

July 12, 1983

The league decides to end regular season play as the Montreal and Toronto franchises fail to get financial backing. Instead the playoffs will start on July 13.

Final standings

On Monday July 19 Günter Noel quit as coach of Calgary Mustangs as he had not been paid since mid-June.

Eastern semifinals
July 13, 1983 Mississauga
Hamilton Steelers 2 (Marco Abascal, Fred Ferrera)
Mississauga Croatia 3 (Nick Dosen, Frank Fiddler, Peter Stipancik)

July 15, 1983 Ivor Wynne Stadium, Hamilton
Hamilton Steeleers 4 (Rennie Phillips, Hidelberto Ponte, Carlos Salguero, Jimmy Sinclair)
Mississauga Croatia 1 (Peter Stipancik)

July 25, 1983 Ivor Wynne Stadium, Hamilton
Attendance: 1,000
Hamilton Steeleers 2
Mississauga Croatia 0

Hamilton Steelers won best-of-three games series 2-1

Western semifinals
July 17, 1983 Clarke Stadium, Edmonton
Edmonton Eagles 2 (Hans Granander, Ross Ongaro)
Calgary Mustangs 1 (Dean Kelly)

July 20, 1983 Mewata Stadium, Calgary
Attendance:  1,049
Calgary Mustangs 1 (Dean Kelly)
Edmonton Eagles 2 (John Connor 2)

Edmonton Eagles won best-of-three games series 2-0

CPSL Championship game
August 1, 1983 Clarke Stadium, Edmonton
Attendance: 4,500
Edmonton Eagles 2 (John Connor, Carlos Rivas)
Hamilton Steelers 0

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