1983 Canadian Professional Soccer League

League commissioner: John Bailey

League formation

On December 7, 1982 John Bailey announced that the league would have two divisions, a Central Division and a Western Division. The members of the Eastern Division would be Montreal, Toronto, Hamilton, Mississauga and Kitchener. The principle owners were Bob Laker in Montreal; Dr. Simon McGrail in Toronto; Mario DiBartolomeo, president of Hamilton Steelers, in Hamilton; Dr. Antun Pavelic, president of Toronto Croatia, in Mississauga and Tom Mihas, a restaurant owner, in Kitchener. Two more franchises, in London and Toronto, was said to be pending.

Clubs and players

Calgary Mustangs

Owner: Edgar Edringer
Budget: $ 650,000
Stadium: Mewata Stadium, Calgary (Capacity: 5,600 seats)
General manager: Dave Davies
Head coach: Gunter Noel
Key players: Goalkeeper Manfred Müller, from Bayern München; defender Holger Brück, formerly of Calgary Boomers; midfielder Franz Hiller; striker Harold Schwer.

Edmonton Eagles

Owner: John Tiemessen
Budget: Not known
Stadium: Clark Stadium, Calgary
General manager: Joe Petrone
Head coach: Dieter Hochheimer
Key players: Hans Kraay Jr, former Edmonton Driller; Yugoslavian Dubravko Ledic, former MISL player; Carlos Rivas, from Chile.

Hamilton Steelers

Owner: Mario DiBartolomeo
Budget: $ 500,000
Stadium: Ivor Wynne Stadium, Hamilton
General manager: Joe Mallozzi
Head coach: Carlo Delmonte
Key players: Mike Radovic, defender from Red Star Belgrade and the NASL; Momcilo “Mike” Stojanovic, former NSL leading goalscorer who also starred in the NASL; Carlos Salguero, former striker in the NASL, MISL and NSL.

FC Inter-Montreal

Owner: Bob Laker
Budget: $1,200,000
Stadium: Jarry Park, Montreal (Capacity: 25,000 seats)
General manager:
Head coach: Eddie Firmani
Key players: Yugoslavian goalkeeper Raddy Avramovic, signed from Notts County in England; Pino Wilson, banned for life in Italian soccer; Bob Vosmaer; Gordon Hill, former Manchester United and Manics star; Tasso Koutsoukos, Montreal-born winger.

Mississauga Croatia

Owner: Dr Antun Pavelic
Budget: $400,000
Stadium: Etobicoke Centennial Stadium (Capacity: 5,000 – 2,500 seats)
General manager: Steve Nezic
Head coach: Ted Pop
Key players: Canadian goalkeeper Dalian Baxter; South American Carlos Lazon; Peter Stipancik.

Toronto Nationals

Owner: Klaus Dietsold
Budget: $ 1,000,000
Stadium: Varsity Stadium, Toronto
General manager: Frank Pike
Head coach: Frank Pike
Key players: Blagoje Tamindzic, former goalkeeper in the NSL and NASL; Hans Gunter Neues, defender from Kaiserslautern in Germany; Colin Franks, former Toronto Blizzard midfielder; Tony Currie, England international.

Review of the season

The opening game of the CPSL season was played in Toronto on Friday May 21, with Toronto Nationals beating Inter-Montreal 2-1 at Varsity Stadium in front of 3,860 fans.

On Monday July 19 Günter Noel quit as coach of Calgary Mustangs as he had not been paid since mid-June.

Standings                   GP  W  T  L  GF GA PTS
(as of June 27, 1983)
1. Edmonton Eagles           9  7  2  0  24  6  16
2. Inter-Montreal            8  5  1  2  15  8  11
3. Hamilton Steelers        10  3  4  3  16 17  10 
4. Toronto Nationals         7  2  1  4  11 15   5  
5. Calgary Mustangs          8  2  1  5  11 17   5
6. Missassauga Croatia      10  2  1  7  10 24   5  

Eastern semifinals
July 13, 1983 Mississauga
Hamilton Steelers 2 (Marco Abascal, Fred Ferrera)
Mississauga Croatia 3 (Nick Dosen, Frank Fiddler, Peter Stipancik)

July 15, 1983 Ivor Wynne Stadium, Hamilton
Hamilton Steeleers 4 (Rennie Phillips, Hidelberto Ponte, Carlos Salguero, Jimmy Sinclair)
Mississauga Croatia 1 (Peter Stipancik)

July 25, 1983 Ivor Wynne Stadium, Hamilton
Attendance: 1,000
Hamilton Steeleers 2
Mississauga Croatia 0

Hamilton Steelers won best-of-three games series 2-1

Western semifinals
July 17, 1983 Clarke Stadium, Edmonton
Edmonton Eagles 2 (Hans Granander, Ross Ongaro)
Calgary Mustangs 1 (Dean Kelly)

July 20, 1983 Mewata Stadium, Calgary
Attendance:  1,049
Calgary Mustangs 1 (Dean Kelly)
Edmonton Eagles 2 (John Connor 2)

Edmonton Eagles won best-of-three games series 2-0

CPSL Championship game
August 1, 1983 Clarke Stadium, Edmonton
Attendance: 4,500
Edmonton Eagles 2 (John Connor, Carlos Rivas)
Hamilton Steelers 0

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