1988 National Soccer League

President: Armando Difruscio
Vice-president: Italo Recine

Annual general meeting

At the annual general meeting held in Toronto in January 1988 the league elected a new president in Armando Difruscio of St. Catharines Roma. Italo Recine of the Windsor Wheels was elected as vice-president. The league also decided to operate with a reserve division.


Referees: Mladen Moric

Clubs and players

America United
Head Coach:
Key players:

Chile Lindo

Founded: 1975
Head Coach:
Key players:

First Portuguese

Founded: September 23, 1956
Head Coach:
Key players:

London Marconi

Founded: 1962
Head Coach: Bill Gillis

Roster included goalkeeper Mauro Pippo; Dino Fotia and Giacomo Michenzi; forwards Louie Fotia, John Zvoko and Sydney Marsh

Mississauga Lakers
Head Coach:
Key players: Goalkeeper Zoran Potrovsky


Founded: 1976
Head Coach

Roster included goalkeeper David Ashfield; Garry Brian; Peter Roussis

St. Catharines Roma

Founded: 1967
Stadium: Roma Park, St. Catharines
Head Coach:
Key players: Goalkeeper John Vanousten

Toronto Croatia

Founded: 1956
Head Coach: Miso Smajlovic
Key players: Goalkeeper Otto Orf, defender Lupe Stotkovski, Darico Pantalon, Mladen Pesec, forwards Drago Santic and Bozo Bakota

Toronto Croatia hired former Yugoslav international player Miso Smajlovic as their head coach. Before the season they signed former NK Zagreb and Sturm Graz-star Bozo Bakota. Bakota had played in one international match for Yugoslavia in 1978.

Toronto Italia

Founded: 1972
Head Coach: Ivan Markovic
Key players: Carlos Salguero, Ben Vian, Zoran Petrovski, Carmen Groe

Toronto Italia hired Ivan Markovic as their head coach.

Windsor Wheels

Stadium: Windsor Stadium, Windsor
General manager:
Head Coach: Mirko Bazi

Roster included goalkeeper Rob Agostini; defenders Mark Christensen; midfielders Ian Parratt; forwards Mark Tirikian

Review of the season

Toronto Italia clinched the league championship when they defeated Toronto Croatia 1-0 on Wednesday August 31.

Toronto Croatia won the playoff championship.

After the season London Marconi took a year’s leave of absence and Chile Lindo were dropped because of their behavioural problems on the pitch for the past two seasons.

Results and standings

NSL League play-offs
Toronto Croatia defeated Toronto Italia

NSL League cup
September 14, 1988 Toronto
Toronto Croatia 2 (own goal, Dragan Santic)
Windsor Wheels 1 (Victor Quni)

September 16, 1988 Windsor Stadium, Windsor
Windsor Wheels 1 (Mike Lupenec)
Toronto Croatia 1 (Bozo Bakota)

Toronto Croatia won total-goal series 3-2

Canadian Soccer Championship
September 25, 1988 Herbert St. Leonard Park, Montreal Attendance: 1,200
Montreal St. Leonard-Corfinium 3 (Windsor Vertus 2, Paul David)
Toronto Croatia 1 (Zoran Narjanovic)