1989 National Soccer League

League commissioner: Rocco Lofranco

The league decided to drop its youth division and instead create a senior second division. The first division would consist of eight clubs and the second division of ten clubs.

Clubs and players

America United
Head Coach:
Key players: David Williams

First Portuguese

Founded: September 23, 1956
Head Coach:
Key players: Goalkeepers Manuel Bento and Alberto de Melo; defender Rui dos Santos; John Dinis, Joao Ferreira, Paolo Pina, Lofi Atoumi, Ruben Gonzalez, Jose Roberto Alves


Founded: 1976
Head Coach:
Key players: Goalkeeper Brian Reece, midfielder Hunter Madeley, striker Pat Cubelis

When Igor Vrablic was cut by Toronto Blizzard in June he joined Panhellenic.

St. Catharines Roma
Founded: 1967
Stadium: Roma Park, St. Catharines
Head Coach:
Key players: Goalkeeper Mike Celletti, forward Drago Smolovich

Toronto Croatia
Founded: 1956
Secretary: Bruno Pilas
Head Coach: Tonko Vukusic
Key players: Goalkeeper Josip Skaro, defender Josip Lukacevic, midfielders Drago Santic, forwards Mate Stanic, Goran Pavlic and

Toronto Italia

Founded: 1972
Head Coach: Ivan Markovic
Key players: Goalkeeper Vlado Bilic, midfielder Dragan Jakimovski, Dino Lopez, Mike Mazza, Carmine Groe, Tony Morrison

After the season Ivan Markovic left Toronto Italia to become coach of the London Lasers of the CSL.

Toronto Macedonia
Head Coach: Keith Pandovski
Key players: Goalkeeper Tome Petrov, Nikola Avramovski, Blagoje Tadorski

Windsor Wheels

Stadium: Windsor Stadium, Windsor
Colors: Red and white
Head Coach: Ian Parratt
Key players: Goalkeeper Dave Rimbert, Mark Christensen, Edson Dias, Pece Petrovski, Mike Vigh, Peter Pompiono

The Ian Parratt-coached Windsor Wheels had a disasterous season going through a 15 games winless streak. The Windsor Wheels held its soccer banquet on Sunday September 10. Peter Pompionio recieved the team MVP award, goalkeeper Dave Rimbert was voted rook-of-the-year and Pece Petrovski leading goalscorer with 7 goals. Rob Agostini was given a special seervice award for the 110 games he had played for Windsor Wheels in the NSL. After the season Mike Vigh joined Siofok in Hungary.

Review of the season

The season opened on May 7, 1989 in Toronto.

Windsor Wheels opened their season by beating St. Catharines Roma 3-2 in Windsor on Sunday May 14.

Toronto Italia won the league championship.

Results and standings