1990 National Soccer League

League commissioner: Rocco LoFranco


In what the league called its 67th season they operated with nine teams in its first division and seven teams in the second division. Before the season London City paid the London Marconi club $1 for their franchise rights, making a comeback in the NSL.

Oshawa Italia were another new club in the National Soccer League.

Clubs and players

Goalkeeper Paolo Silva joined First Portuguese from Brazilian club Democrata FC. After the season First Portuguese dropped out from the league.

Toronto Italia hired Ruben Campolo as coach. He had been a goalkeeper for Charita Juniors in Argentina and with Memphis Rogues in the NASL. Lster in the season he was replaced by Carlos Salguero.

Review of the season

First Portuguese won the league championship by beating Panhellenic 3-0 on September 12, 1990.

After the season Panhellenic, First Portuguese, America United and Oshawa Italia dropped out from the league.

Final standings

Champions Cup

September 29, 1990 Toronto
First Portuguese 4
Montreal St. Leonard 2