Ray Morgan was one of Canada’s leading referees in the 1950’s and 1960’s. As well as refereeing in the National Soccer League and in the Eastern Canada Professional Soccer League he also did duty as an official at the 1960 Olympic Games and the 1962 World Cup.

Ray was born in Manila on the Philippines in 1922. He learned his soccer in Wales. Ray served in the Royal Air Force during World War II. He emigrated to Canada in 1947.

He was the referee at the Dominion cup finals in 1948 between Vancouver St. Andrews and Montreal Carsteel.

In 1949 he refereed the exhibition match between Ulster United and Belfast Celtic. Belfast Celtic won the match 5-0 in front of 10,000 fans in Toronto.

In the 1950’s he was one of the leading referees in the National Soccer League.

Ray was the referee of the exibition match between Huddersfield and Sunderland in June 1955 that was played at Varsity Stadium in Toronto. He was also the referee at the 1955 Dominion cup finals. Later in 1955 he was selected to by the Football International Federation Association to attend a conference in Maclin, Switzerland.

In 1956 he was the referee of the Aberdeen versus Everton and the Canadian All-Stars versus Lokomotiv Moscow exhibition matches played in Toronto.

Ray was one of the linesmen when Canada played in the World Cup qualifying games against Mexico in Mexico City in 1957.

In 1959 he was the referee of the international match between the United States and England that was played in Los Angeles.

As the only North American he was selected to officiate at the 1960 Olympic Games that was held in Rome. He was the referee of the France versus India game at the 1960 Olympic Games.

In 1961 he was the referee of the exhibition match between Birmingham and Stade Reims that was played at Varsity Stadium in Toronto.

On Friday night May 25, 1962, Ray flew out to to Santiago, Chile, as Canada’s only representative at the 1962 World Cup finals.

It was reported that he was one of 24 officials that was picked for the 16 team finals. He was assigned to the Group consisting of teams from Brazil, Spain, Mexico and Checoslovakia.

Ray was a lineman in three matches in the finals, Argentina versus Bulgaria, West Germany versus Italy and England versus Argentina.

In 1963 and 1964 he refereed in the Eastern Canada Professional Soccer League.

In May 1963 he was the referee of an International youth game between France and Germany in Newcastle, England.

In 1965 he became the Canadian Soccer Football Association’s referee in chief.

Ray was the referee of the Russia versus Belgium match at the 1967 Expo soccer tournament in Montreal. He was also the referee of the final between England versus Germany ( Borussia Dortmund).

In February 1969 he resigned as head referee of the Canadian Soccer Football Association.

Ray died at the age of 54 on Sunday February 12, 1977, following lengthy illness. The Ray Morgan Memorial Award is an award given to Canada’s top referees.


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