McLagan Trophy

The trophy was presented by T. R. McLagan in 1944. It was awarded to the most valuable player in Montreal.

 1944 Johnny Cameron (Canadair Falcons)
 1947 Doug Cunningham (Stelco)
 1950 Joe Caplan (Hakoah)
 1952 Bill Gill (Stelco)
 1953 Ota Kratochvil (Italia)
 1954 Alex Momesso (Italia)
 1955 Bill Drake (Montreal Ukraina)
 1956 Bill Drake (Montreal Ukraina)
 1957 Zenon Snylyk (Montreal Ukraina)
 1958 Herman Pfeiffer (Hungaria)
 1959 Bobby Johnstone (Montreal Cantalia)
 1960 Nevio Varglien (Cantalia)
 1961 Hector Marinaro (Concordia)
 1962 Peter Kluge (Kickers)
 1963 Roberto Resquin (Ukraina and Cantalia)
 1964 Romano Cori (Italia and Cantalia)
 1965 Nevio Varglien (Italica) 

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