Clubs: Hamilton Croatia

Sports Club Croatia Hamilton, Ontario, was founded in 1957. In 1962 they joined the Inter-City League. They were champions of the Inter-City League in 1963 and won the Hamilton Spectator Cup in 1964.

In 1965 they won both the Inter-City League championship and the Hamilton Spectator Cup. They also reached the semi-finals of the Ontario Cup but lost to London Marconi.

The club joined the semi-professional National Soccer League in 1970. In their first season in the league they won the 1970 NSL playoff final by beating Toronto Croatia 3-0.

In 1971 Hamilton Croatia finished third in the league table. The following season they finished fourth. Leading players during the first years in the National Soccer League included brothers Jim and Malcom Sinclair, Duncan Henry and David Martin.

In the mid-1970’s key players were Kevin Grant and Stjepan Loparic. In 1976 Hamilton Croatia were relegated to the National Soccer League Second Division but opted instead to leave the NSL.

They later played in the Hamilton & District League, Ontario Soccer League and the Canadian Soccer League.

Hamilton Croatia won the Hamilton Spectator Cup in 2004, 2005, 2007 and 2009

The club is still in existence today. They have a club house located at 166 Green Mountain Road, Stoney Creek, Ontario.

It has a lively and well-updated web page at:

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