London & District Soccer League

The league was formed in London, Ontario. With the formation of the Western Ontario Soccer League in 1988 the league disbanded.

League history


The league had 20 teams. London Marconi won the league championship.


The league had 16 teams as members. These included London Dutch Lions, London German-Canadians, Sarnia Canadian Corps and Sarnia Italians.


The league was organised in two divisions. Teams included Sarnia Canadian Corps and Stratford Fischer.

Eastern Division Champions: Stratford Fischer Bearing

Western Division Champions: Sarnia Canadian Corps

League championship playoff: Stratford Fischers defeated Sarnia Canadian Corps


Teams included London Lions


Teams included London Polonia, St. Thomas United and Sarnia Imperials


Teams included London German-Canadians, Sarnia Athletics and Sarnia Imperials


Teams included London C.N.R.


The league had seven teams. These included Brantford, London C.N.R., and Stratford


Teams included Chatham Branch 28 Legion and London Empire Brass


Members of the league were London German-Canadians, London East, London C.N.R., London Winery, St. Thomas and Woodstock

London & District Soccer League Champions
1987 St. Thomas
1986 Olympians
1985 London
1984 London Portuguese
1983 Curinga
1982 Curinga
1981 Curinga
1980 London Marconi
1979 London Marconi
1978 London Marconi
1977 London Marconi
1976 London Marconi
1975 London Scottish
1974 London Scottish
1973 London Celtic
1972 Sarnia Dante
1971 Sarnia Dante
1970 London Olympians
1969 London Marconi
1968 London Marconi
1967 Ingersoll Flyers
1966 London Marconi
1965 London Marconi
1964 London Marconi
1963 London German Canadians
1962 London German Canadians
1961 London German Canadians
1960 Dutch Lions
1959 Stratford Fischer Bearing
1958 Stratford Fischer Bearing
1957 Sarnia Canadian Corps FC
1956 Sarnia Canadian Corps FC
1955 Sarnia Canadian Corps FC
1954 Sarnia Imperials
1951 Sarnia Imperials

LDSL League Cup
1987 St. Thomas
1986 Chatham
1985 Ingersoll
1984 London Portuguese
1983 Curinga
1982 Ingersoll
1981 Ingersoll
1980 St. Thomas A
1979 London Marconi
1978 London Marconi
1977 Roma
1976 London Celtic
1975 London Celtic
1974 London Marconi (Inter-City)
1973 London Croatia
1972 Stratford
1971 Stratford
1970 Ingersoll Flyers
1969 London Olympians
1968 London Marconi
1967 London Marconi
1966 London Marconi
1965 London German Canadians
1964 London Marconi
1963 Queens Royals (Woodstock)
1962 London German Canadians
1961 Ingersoll Mikes/Flyers
1960 Italo Canadians

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