After playing three games in four days, Kilmarnock played against Ulster United in Toronto on Wednesday night June 25, 1930. The Scottish club struggled with injuries and what the local papers called “leg-weariness”. However, Ulster United’s win was described as well-deserved.

Five minutes into the game Smith gave Kilmarnock the lead. George Graham replied for the Redhanders shortly after to tie the score at 1-1. Maxwell then scored for Kilmarnock.

Ulster United’s left fullback Dick Pryor scored on a penalty to even the score.

Just before half-time Smith increased Kilmarnock’s score to 3-2.

Jimmy Hagan and John Paxton scored for the Redhanders to secure a 4-3 victory for Ulster United.


Ulster United: Bobby Kirk; Dave Eadie, Dick Pryor; George McCrone, Matt Wilson, John Bruce;
John Paxton, Jimmy Hagan, George Graham, Jimmy Galloway, George Erasmusson.

Kilmarnock: Clemie; Robertson, Leslie; Irvine, Stewart, Clark; T. Smith, Cunningham, Walters,
Maxwell, Aitken.