President: Ald. W. Phil Evans

Also known as the Ontario Soccer League.

Preview of the season

The annual general meeting was held in Guelph, Ontario, Saturday afternoon March 8, 1924. After the meeting it was announced that the league would be compremised of eight clubs. The teams would be from Guelph, Kitchener, Brantford, Galt, Hamilton, London, Lynden and Toronto.


President: Tom Hodkinson, London, Ont.
First vice-president: J. Blake, Kitchener
Second vice-president: H. Nurrish, Brantford
Secretary-treasurer: J. D. Bishop, Hamilton

Preview of the season

The annual general meeting was held in Hamilton, Ont., on Saturday March 7, 1925. Tom Hodkinson was elected as president. Applications were recieved from Brantford Cockshutts, London C.N.R., Taylor-Forbes of Guelph, Chipman Holton of Hamilton, Kitchener Rangers, one team from Toronto and one team from St. Catharines.

Review of the season

June 20, 1925 Chipmans 3, Kitchener Rangers 1

July 18, 1925 Taylor-Forbes 4, Brantford Cockshutts 0

August 8, 1925 Taylor-Forbes 4, Brantford Cockshutts 2

September 5, 1925 Brantford Cockshutt Blues 5, Chipmans 2

When London C.N.R. defeated Taylor-Forbes 3-2 on October 10 at Guelph, they took over the lead of the Provincial League.

October 24, 1925 Chipmans 4, Kitchener Rangers 1


President: T. Hodkinson, London

Preview of the season

The annual general meeting was held in Hamilton, Ontario, on Saturday January 30, 1926. Clubs represented at the meeting were London C.N.R., Brantford Cockshutts, Guelph Taylor-Forbes, Kitchener Rangers and Hamilton Chipmans.

Clubs and players

In February Massey-Harris of Brantford was organized and joined the Provincial League.

In June Taylor-Forbes players Bill Hamilton and Jock Muir joined Hamilton Thistles of the National Soccer League.

Review of the season

The opening round of the of the Provincial Soccer league was played on Saturday April 24, 1926. Massey Harris were at home to Hamilton Westinghouse and Brantford Cockshutts travelled to Guelph to meet Taylor-Forbes.

Results and standings