Hamilton & District League


The annual meeting of the Hamilton & District League was held on February 12, 1913. The meeting was attended by representatives from E.E.Y.M.C.A., Sawyer-Massey, Westinghouse, Independent Labor Party, Lancashire, Harvesters, Asylum, Westminster, East End Progressives, Hamilton Rangers and Royal Guardians. J. W. Douglas was elected as president.


Teams included Chipmans, Dominion Foundries, Harvesters, Homeside, Ontario Hospital and Stelcos.


The annual meeting was held on January 22, 1920. Clubs represented were Harvesters, Homesides, Labor Party, Ontario Hospital, Sawyer-Massey, War Veterans and Westinghouse. Chipmans did not attend the meeting but it was said that they would have a club in the 1920 season.

The clubs in the league were Harvesters, Homeside, Independent Labor Party, Ontario Hospital, Plowites, Sawyers and Westinghouse.


Members of the league were A.O.F, Beverly, Burlington, Chipmans, C.N.R., Corinthians, Dundas, Hillcrests, Lynden, Stelcos, Ulster, Zimmerknits


Teams included Hamilton Stelcos, Hamilton Farrars, Hamilton Radios and Brantford Thistles.


1966 – 40 teams

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