After winning the Dominion Championship in 1925 Ulster United was recognized as probably the the best soccer team that Canada had seen. The 1926 season proved to be as great as the one in 1925.

The club won the 1926 National Soccer League championship and the NSL Cup. In September the club were crowned as Dominion Champions by beating United Weston of Winnipeg. This was, however, an unofficial title as the professional teams were no longer allowed to compete in the Dominion Challenge Cup and United Weston holds the official title.

The club also played in numerous exhibition games against top teams in the United States. Their biggest achievement was probably playing to a 4-4 tie with the great Sparta Prague club in Chicago.

The team was managed by former Irish internationalist Rab Torrans. Torrans was part of a family that helped form the famous Linfield Football Club in Belfast and one of four brothers that played for that club.

During a long 1926 season the team consisted of goalkeeper Bob Smith; fullbacks Walter Rankine, Johnston and Bill Dinnie; half-backs Whitey McDonald, Sam Grant, Joe Clulow, Fred Williams, Angus Watt and Cochrane; forwards were George Forrest, Roy Faulkner, Jimmy Galloway, Dave Turner, George Graham, Jim Kelly and Jimmy Moir.