Goalkeeper Emilio Dario Svich was born in El Plata, Argentina on June 8, 1933. He was often described as lanky due to his height of 6-5.

In June 1960 he joined Montreal Concordia in the National Soccer League as a back-up goalkeeper for Ruben Lus. The club finished third in the NSL standings.

Concordia competed in the National Soccer League and in the International Soccer League in the 1961 season. Emilio returned to the club in April and again shared the goalkeeping duties with Ruben Lus. On July 30 Emilio was Concordia’s goalkeeper as they won the 1961 Canadian Challenge Trophy by beating Vancouver Firefighters. Concordia won 1-0 in front of 2,500 fans at Faillon Stadium in Montreal.

Emilio spent the winter of 1961-62 playing with Comunicaciones in Guatemala. In March 1963 he joined Philadelphia Ukranian Nationals in the American Soccer League. The club finished the season as league champions.

Emilio was Ukrainian Nationals’ goalkeeper when they won the 1963 United States National Challenge Cup by defeating Los Angeles Armenians in the final. 4,000 fans watched the Ukes win 1-0 at home in Philadelphia on June 2, 1963.

Inbetween playing with the Ukrainian Nationals he was flying in to Montreal to play with Cantalia. In the 1963 season Cantalia were members of the Eastern Canada Professional Soccer League. After the E.C.P.S.L. season he returned to the Ukrainian Nationals.

In the 1963-64 season Ukrainian Nationals won the American Soccer League championship. They also qualified for the National Challenge Cup finals. However, the club lost to Los Angeles Kickers-Victoria in the finals. Emilio was the Ukrainians goalkeeper in both games.

The Ukrainian Nationals played in the newly-created Eastern Soccer Conference in the 1964-65 season. In an article in the Baltimore Sun on February 14, 1965 Emilio was called “the top goal tender in the league.”

Before the 1965-66 season the Ukrainian Nationals signed goalkeeper Wolodomyr Tarnawsky from Uruguay. Emilio was the Ukrainians back-up goalkeeper during the 1965-66 ASL season.

Emilio spent the winter of 1966-67 playing for New York Inter in the American Soccer League. He returned to the Ukranian Nationals for the 1967-68 season where he again was the reserve goalkeeper. The club won the 1967-68 American Soccer League championship.

Emilio later relocated to California.