Played on June 8, 1960, this match was part of the North Atlantic Cup competition. The cup was organised with six overseas clubs and two clubs from Montreal. The two clubs from Montreal were Cantalia and Concordia.

An interesting feature was that the game pitted two league champions against each other. Burnley had won the Football League championship in the 1959-60 season. Cantalia were the defending National Soccer League champions.

Notable players on the Burnley team were Northern Ireland international Jimmy McIlroy, striker Ray Pointer and captain Jimmy Adamson. In 1962 Adamson was named as Footballer of the Year in England. Pointer won three international caps for England in 1961.

Cantalia scored the first goal of the game when Ros Valentino scored on a pass from Bob Johnstone. Ray Pointer tied the game with his goal. Ante Kosta scored the winning goal for Cantalia. All three goals were scored in the first half.

Burnley forward Jimmy McIlroy had the ball in the net three times but all three were called back.

9,863 fans watched the match at McGill Stadium in Montreal.


Cantalia: Carlo Cergolet; Guilio Neira, Vasco Strogi; Mike Campo, Nevio Varglien, Sergio Chiraz; Jim Gauld, Bob Johnstone, Ros Valentino, Martin Mattia, Marcel Di Croce. Subs: Hans Koebli, Piero Tucci, Kurt Basta, Ante Kosta

Burnley: James Furnell; John Angus, Alex Elder; Walter Joyce, Jimmy Adamson (captain), Brian Miller; Trevor Meredith, Jimmy McIlroy, Ray Pointer, Jim Robson, Brian Pilkington.