On Sunday May 11, 1958 Montreal Cantalia played in an exhibition game against the Mexican National Team. The Mexican team were on their way to the 1958 World Cup that was going to be held in Sweden.

The Mexican National Team included star players like Antonio Carbajal, Salvador Reyes, Jaime Belmonte and Jesus del Moro. Cantalia were led by its Argentinian captain and star Norberto Iacono.

The organizers of the game were hoping for a crowd of more than 10,000 but due to heavy rain only 4,000 fans turned out at Delorimier Stadium. According to match reports Cantalia were the dominant team in the first half but the Mexicans played better in the second half. The game was marred with rough play and referee Harry Rattigan had a struggle to control both sets of players.

Near the end of the game a large part of the crowd gathered close to the Mexican goal. When the final whistle blew parts of the crowd tried to attack the Mexican players. However, the Cantalia players came to the rescue of the Mexican players.

Cantalia’s line-up: goalkeeper Amadeo Cibin; fullbacks Sandro Zuri, Fernando Mucelli; half-backs Norberto Iacono, Gene Vinyai , Roberto Tessauro; forwards Vittorio Santini, Kurt Basta, Igino Del Negro, Caros Ferrari, Alberto Piovano. Subs: Vince d ’ Altiglia, Giovanni Binicoletto, Alex Momesso and Amozello Beretta

The Mexican National Team’s results in Sweden were: Mexico vs. Sweden 0-3; Mexico vs. Wales 1-1 and Mexico vs. Hungary 0-4. Mexico were knocked in the group stages.