Great games: Ulster United 2, Manchester United 4

10,000 soccer fans turned up at University of Detroit Stadium on June 13, 1952, in Detroit, Michigan, to watch Ulster United play against Manchester United. Manchester United were the current English Football League champions.

Manchester United scored two goals during the first six minutes of the game. Inside right Frank Clempson scored the first goal for Manchester United after 30 seconds. Johnny Aston followed up after six minutes of the game to give Manchester United a 2-0 lead.

After 15 minutes Ulster United started to fight back. Jack Long scored to make it 2-1. Then Ulster inside right Johnny Douglas tricked the English champions on a free kick when he approached the ball but stepped over it, with Jack Long coming up from behind and booting the ball under the cross bar. According to the newspapers reporting from the game “It was the first time in 57 games that an opponent had scored against the Manchester professionals on a free kick outside the 18-yard line”.

In the second half Manchester United scored two goals through John Downie and Stan Pearson to clinch a 4-2 victory.


Ulster United: George Anderson; Jack Perrett, Jock Gifford; Sam Davidson, Phil McKay, Bob Kennedy; Jack Long, John Douglas, Alf Davies, Jim McLaughlin, Malcolm McLean. Subs: Vic Malcolmson, John Worsley, James Douglas.

Manchester United: Jack Compton; Tom McNulty, Jack Carey; Dave Gibson, Mike Jones, Harry Cockburn; Harry McShane, Frank Clempson, John Aston, Stan Pearson, Roger Byrne. Subs: Reggie Allen, John Berry, John Downie, Jack Rowley, John Blanchflower, John Whitefoot

Referee: Doug Nelson

Linesmen: Hugh McLean, Davie Collins

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