League:1970 National Soccer League
Stadium:Stanley Park, Toronto, Ontario
President:Mile Basic
Head coach:Kezman
replaced by Mile Basic
replaced by Jure Sikic and Osvaldo Rodrigues

Toronto Croatia started the 1970 National Soccer League season with three straight wins. Croatia climbed into second place in the standings by beating Toronto Ukraina 4-0 on June 5, 1970. This put Croatia one point behind the league-leading Serbian White Eagles.

On June 15 Croatia defeated Kitchener Concordia 10-0 at Stanley Park in Toronto. Alija Solak and Viktor Jurisevic scored four goals each for the Croatian team.

On August 2 Toronto Croatia defeated the Ottawa-team 7-0 to tie First Portuguese for the league leadership.

Standings as of August 4 of the top three teams

First Portuguese15103222
Toronto Croatia15103222
Serbian White Eagles1492321

In the following weeks Croatia, First Portuguese and Serbian White Eagles were stuck in a neck and neck battle for the leadership in the NSL.

Standings as of August 18 of the top three teams

Toronto Croatia1712 3 2581726
First Portuguese1811 5 2432824
Serbian White Eagles1610 2 4351524

Toronto Croatia won the 1970 National Soccer League championship. The Croatians qualified for the NSL Playoffs championship final against Hamilton Croatia. Hamilton Croatia defeated Toronto Croatia 3-0 in the final.

1970 Final standings

Toronto Croatia262033751943
Hamilton Croatia261628672440
Serbian White Eagles261745602639
First Portuguese261574563734
London German-Canadians261376552932
Hamilton Homer261277483631
Ottawa Sons of Italy269116394924
Toronto Hungaria267118424322
Montreal Portuguese266137234519
Toronto Ukraina267163345117
Hamilton Apollo266164255716
Kitchener Concordia265183218413

1970 Toronto Croatia Squad

GoalkeeperZeljko Bilecki
Half-backOsvaldo Gonzales
Half-backJerko Granic
Half-backRudolf Milicevic
ForwardHarry de Vlugt
ForwardAllan Harvey
ForwardVictor Jurisevic
ForwardAlija Solak
ForwardLutz Wolansky